mcocereal.jpgJoe Gebbia is a talented young designer and one of the founders of AirBed & Breakfast, an online marketplace for peer-to-peer traveling. (In short, you offer up a spare bed or room for travelers; travelers then pay you to lodge there. Think eBay for crashing.)

Now Gebbia is involved in an adjacent venture: Customized breakfast cereals inspired by the two presidential candidates. They’re not for eating necessarily, though you can. They’re limited edition works of art. And they’re so clever that I bought one for my own collection. Check out ObamaO’s here and Cap’n McCain’s here. And be sure to listen to the jingles Gebbia and his compatriots have composed.

Finally, let me say it before you do: Yes, he’s a cereal entrepreneur.

One Response to “Breakfast of (political) champions”

  1. Mabi Ponce de Leon says:

    Like in the real cereals, the “Obama-Os” are healthier for us than the “Cap’n McCains.”

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