Look up, Mr. President. Seriously. I beg you. Look up!

(HT: Several people who sent me this photo from yesterday’s Huffington Post)

PBS looks at motivation (and candles)

Is purpose really an effective motivator?

Over at the Inside Influence Report, Noah Goldstein writes about a recent study that examined whether infusing a task with purpose can motivate high performance. The study, conducted by Wharton’s Adam Grant, involved the call center at a university fundraising organization. Grant obtained permission to talk to the folks working at the call center — […]

What is your sentence? (Curacao edition)

At the International School of Curacao, teacher Danny Kinzer asked his Theory of Knowledge students to undertake the “What’s your sentence?” described in Lindsey Testolin’s remarkable video and on page 154 of Drive. Then each participant posted his or her answer on the school bulletin board.

9th graders ask themselves: “What’s my sentence?”

Tasha Graff, a 9th grade English teacher at Morse High School in Bath, Maine, saw the Drive video excerpt, and decided to play it for her class. Then she asked her students to answer the question posed in the video and in an exercise on page 154 of the book. Here’s a sample of their […]

What happens when a dad pays his kids to play videogames?

Kevin Nalts is a very funny guy with a penchant for social psychology. In this video, he announces an experiment in which he’ll pay his kids to play videogames in a seemingly peculiar effort to reduce their playing time. Think it’ll work? We’ll report the results in a few days.

Photos, factoids, and more . . . from the UK

I’m in London (and Newcastle and Cambridge) this week, promoting the UK edition of Drive, which launched a few days ago. Below are a photo, an idea, a factoid, and a quote from the road. PHOTO To my amazement, Drive is #6 on the b.s. list at WH Smith, the giant retailer. Here’s a photo […]

Are you indispensable?

Seth Godin’s new book, Linchpin, launches today. And like all of Seth’s work, this one will rattle your neurons and rouse your heart. As part of his effort to spark conversations, he’s interviewed several other authors about their work — and how their ideas relate to his. Below is the interview Seth did with me on […]

Raises *do* matter

Monday’s USA Today has a largely positive review of Drive (“fascinating . . . a powerhouse”) that bears an unfortunate headline: “Raises Make Bad Motivators.” At the risk of sounding like a peevish author picking nits from the tangled hair of quickly forgotten reviews, let me do precisely that. Drive never says that raises aren’t […]

There’s an app for, uh, anything

Okay. I’ve done it. I’ve created my own iPhone app. With the help of the amazing folks at Mobile Roadie, we’ve launched the official (sic) Daniel Pink app. You can download it — it’s free! — from iTunes. What’s cool about apps in general, and this one in particular, is that they feel like web sites […]