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14 Responses to “Pinkcast 1.21: The 6 essential lessons of any great career.”

  1. Rick St Jean says:

    I came across research that said, under 30 work on your weaknesses. After 30, work and focus on your strengths.

    • Hi Rick, all depends on your weaknesses. Some things like confidence, and personal areas – making better eye contact and worth focusing on. However, if you are struggling with proof reading, or complicated maths … leave that to someone else and focus on your strengths.

    • Don Winfield says:

      Hi Rick,

      Re: “under 30 work on your weaknesses. After 30, work and focus on your strengths.”

      Your comment would be a lot more valuable if you posted:
      Best – the research source…
      Helpful – who said so…
      Helpful – publication that referenced a source saying that…
      If you can’t remember specifics; any phrases that stick in your mind and any information about context…

      It’s an interesting comment. I would be surprised; but, I have been proven wrong so many times, I just laugh at the next one.

  2. Nancy Stephenson says:

    Loved it! Sent it immediately to 10 different people, including my daughter who’s about to graduate for the 3rd time? 4th time? Who’s counting – she’s playing to her strengths and recognizing there’s no linear plan to life.

  3. Becky Blanton says:

    Yep. Best book you’ve ever written. The truth of the universe there!

  4. James says:

    Really enjoyed this one, Dan! Especially the strategy about persistence trumping talent. Keep the Pinkcasts coming!


  5. Another great pinkcast. I loved readng The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, it’s still on my shelf so I’ll pass it on to a younger client/ friend – sorry that means you’ll miss out on a sale!

  6. Rishabh says:

    Hi Dan. Great advice. Thanks for sharing. This might also help.

  7. Dan this was a great pink cast and it can be more than one minute this one was good. I have read this book and all your books. There is no plan is the way for 21st century leaders and employees alike. However if you go through what deliberate practice is most masters have worked on their weakness. I know you refer Peter Drucker but I think we may need to also focus on some weakness to become better.

  8. David Antol says:

    Loved it, Dan. Can I used this is my class?

  9. I love you Dan Pink.

    That is all. 🙂

  10. William says:

    Dan, with graduation upon us in about a week this is timely advice. Go, Johnny, go!

  11. I liked this one!!!,
    Great advices!

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