11 Newsletters Worth Your Time


For my money, email newsletters remain the digital world’s single most efficient source of ideas, information, and insight. I subscribe to more than 40 of them — and once or twice a year I tweak the list, adding new entrants and removing those that no longer do the trick.

Here, in alphabetical order, are 11 newsletters — a few of which I’ve recommended before — that these days I always read and always find valuable:

Austin Kleon — Each week, writer and artist Kleon, who lives in the Texas city that bears his first name, sends 10 links about what he’s reading, watching, and thinking about.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree — Eric Barker’s newsletter promises “science-based answers and expert insight on how to be awesome at life.” He delivers — every Sunday

Brain Pickings — Maria Popova is the uber-curator of all things literary and scientific on the Internet. Her weekly e-zine helps me try to keep up with her.

Farnam Street Brain Food — Another idea-driven newsletter that will make you think.

Longform — A weekly roundup of the best in longform journalism.

Matt Thomas New York Times Digest — Didn’t get a chance to read the Sunday New York Times? Fear not. Matt Thomas has done the work for you and highlighted the good stuff.

Next Draft — I know I’ve recommended this before. I’m doing it again. Just subscribe, OK?

Quartz Daily — Daily newsletters from established media outlets aren’t my favorite. But this one is different. Every day, it uncovers something that I hadn’t seen and want to know about.

Ryan Holiday Reading Recommendation Newsletter — Ryan seems to read more books than any human being alive. Fortunately for us slow readers, he recaps the books is an amazingly rich newsletter.

Seth Godin — Seth had been blogging every single day for many years. This daily dispatch delivers his posts, always smart and thoughtful, directly to your inbox.

Washington Post’s Inspired Life — A weekly (but not treacly) roundup of stories of real people doing things that are kind, courageous, and often inspiring.

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