BT-idyslexiaheart-featured-2229.jpgIn AWNM I wrote about studies showing that self-made millionaires are much more likely to be dyslexic than the rest of the population. Now comes a fresh round of research, reported in the New York Times and pointed out to me by my pal Chris Nippert-Eng, revealing that a whopping 35% of American small business owners identify themselves as dyslexic. The research was conducted by Julie Logan of London’s Cass Business School.

According to The Times, the study found “that dyslexics were more likely than nondyslexics to delegate authority, to excel in oral communication and problem solving and were twice as likely to own two or more businesses.” With their sequential, linear, “left-brain” abilities compromised, many dyslexics apparently compensate by developing a hyper-muscled “right brain.” As one of the story’s commentators says, “Individuals who have difficulty reading and writing tend to deploy other strengths. They rely on mentors, and as a result become very good at reading other people and delegating duties to them. They become adept at using visual strengths to solve problems.” I wonder if this describes the founders of Busted Tees.

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