I love pie. And I love charts. So I really like pie charts — especially this one.


(HT: Zoomdoggle via Flowing Data)

5 Responses to “Mmmmm . . . pie charts”

  1. I.J.Hudson says:

    My reading of the pie chart is that it’s about 4pm. Know that’s a bit abstract, but data can be massaged quite easily.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I think it is about 12:30 AM. I’ll massage the data the other way

  3. Jim says:

    Obviously, some people generated a left-brained answer.
    It shows some satisfaction or being sated (or maybe disgusted..)

  4. summer says:

    Oooh if you like charts you should visit graphjam.com. So good on toast.

  5. The Dan Ward says:

    4pm? 12:30am? No, clearly it is about 6:30 or 7pm, the dinner dishes have been cleared away and my wife and I have had a little pie.

    If more pieces were missing, it would either be 9pm or Day 2.

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