Each week PinkBlog readers send us lots of examples of emotionally intelligent signage they’ve spotted in their communities. Here are four recent submissions that caught our eye.

The talented Michael Bungay Stainer sends this sign, which does a nice job of eliciting empathy in the viewer:

P.K. Ware offers a stern but attention-getting way to keep people quiet during concerts:

Jeremy Epstein provides a more poignant warning from the streets of New Delhi:

And Cody Toone, who teaches at Cardston Elementary School in Alberta, sends this campaign poster from a grade six student election. I’m not sure the sign quite fits the definition of emotionally intelligent signage, but I am sure that Shelby has a future in politics:

Got a sign of your own? Send it to us.

3 Responses to “4 diverse emotionally intelligent signs”

  1. Hari says:

    Regarding >>Jeremy Epstein provides a more poignant warning from the streets of New Delhi:

    Bit of context for your readers

    This particular sign is even more meaningful in India, its a play on another ad by “Hutchison” a telecom company that run ads with the Pug in them

    These ads show the pug following a little boys every move. with the the Tag line ” I’ll follow you everywhere” and now Tata (A competitor) have this brilliant ad saying” I can’t follow you everywhere 🙂

  2. Ben Knight says:

    Reactionary action leads to reactionary response.

  3. Sue says:

    The staff at Carnegie Hall really enjoyed the bassoon threat. It might just work!

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