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PINKCAST 3.11: This is how to rescue screwed up meetings.

American workers attend 55 million meetings each day. Think about that. 55,000,0000. In one day!

Imagine if we could shave just 5 minutes off each of these meetings. That would generate 275 million extra minutes — the equivalent of about 190,000 days — that people could devote to more productive activities.

Now stop imagining — and instead listen to a group of Australians wielding plastic poultry and a simple solution. 

Our latest Pinkcast reveals their trick, which can instantly improve any meeting. You can watch the 93-second video below. 


ONE MORE THING: What are the books that matter?

Three years ago, I put together a PDF of 20 books that have mattered to me over my life. It’s an idiosyncratic list, I’ll admit. And looking it over now, I know I’d make some changes.

But those changes got me wondering. What are some books that have mattered to you over your life? 

If you’d like to share your own books that matter, just enter no more than three titles on this form. No need to leave your name or other details.

I’ll compile the results and publish a list of the books that mattered most to all of you. 

What books have mattered most to you over your life?

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