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3 Things: Movies to enjoy, spam to thwart . . . and a little time travel

1. WHAT TO WATCH: Two documentaries about inspiring women
I recently watched two outstanding documentaries, both of which I highly recommend. One is about a badass rock star, the other is about Joan Jett.

The first is RBG, which tells the story pioneering jurist (and unlikely pop icon) Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You might know her as “the flyest Justice SCOTUS has ever seen.” But you might not know — I didn’t — about her extraordinary early career as a lawyer fighting gender discrimination. If you’ve become cynical that people in public life are often conniving and rarely heroic, this film is an antidote.

The other is Bad Reputation about Joan Jett, one of the first female mega-stars in rock and roll. From the time her parents bought her a Sears guitar at age 13, Joan forged her own path in a field deeply inhospitable to women. You don’t have to know Jett's music to enjoy the film. But if you’re a fan of any of her songs — I Love Rock ’n Roll? Cherry Bomb? Crimson and Clover? — you’ll love this movie.

The stories are also connected. Among the many commonalities between these two extraordinary women: Both are ferociously hard workers — deeply, unwaveringly committed to their cause and their craft.

RBG trailer
Bad Reputation trailer

2. TOOLS "CURRENT YOU" CAN USE: More ways to stop robocalls 
In a recent edition of this newsletter, I recommended the app Nomorobo as an effective way to stop robocalls to my mobile phone. I also asked you for reader recommendations — and here, in alphabetical order, are your five choices for apps to thwart robocalls:

CallProtect — Specifically for AT&T users
Hiya — Free, no ads
RoboKiller — Won the FTC’s robocall-blocking contest
Truecaller — Available in a huge number of languages besides English
YouMail — Also offers a nifty voicemail replacement

Also, be sure to put your mobile number on the National (US) Do Not Call Registry.

3. TOOLS "FUTURE YOU" CAN USE: How to write a letter to yourself
I’ve become slightly obsessed with the psychological connections among the past, the present, and the future. So I was pumped when I came across FutureMe.

The site allows you to write a letter to yourself that will arrive . . . in the future. Just type a note (“Dear FutureMe”). Select when you’d like it to go out — in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, or on a specific date. Then click “Send to the Future.” At the appointed time, you — or rather Future You — will receive the message.

I’ve already sent myself a note that I won’t get until January of 2020. When Future Pink receives it, he’ll let you know what he thinks of it.

PINKCAST: This is what you should do when you arrive in a hotel room.

Travel tips, anyone? In the latest Pinkcast, I reveal the two things I always try to do to keep myself organized during a hotel stay. You can watch the 168-second video below. 


  • Several of you have asked where I was staying in this video. The answer: The Loews Chicago Hotel. It’s excellent hotel with a great location and great service. Highly recommended.

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