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PINKCAST 4.10: This is how to do better by giving, not getting, advice.

Here’s some advice: Give other people advice. It might be the best way to solve your own problems. 

So says Katy Milkman — a Wharton professor, decision scientist, and author of How to Change: The Science of Getting From Where You are to Where You Want to Be.

She explains her canny and counterintuitive suggestion in the latest Zoom-enabled Pinkcast.  

You can watch the 161-second video below. 


  • Katy’s book is How to Change: The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. (Find it at: Public library | Amazon | | IndieBound | | Porchlight)
  • One of the papers referenced in this video is “Dear Abby: Should I Give Advice or Receive It?,” which appeared in Psychological Science in 2018.

  • ONE MORE THING: Anybody want to help pick the cover of my new book?

    Speaking of advice . . . 

    In March, you gave me some great advice on what to call my next book. Thanks to you, we now have a title. 

    If you’ve got 30 more seconds, would you be willing to weigh in on what the cover looks like?

    Just go to this link. You’ll see two covers we’re considering. Choose whichever you find most compelling. That’s it. 

    To refresh your memory, I’m writing about regret, our most misunderstood emotion. The book reveals:

    • Why the “no regrets” attitude is b.s. (Everyone has regrets. Done right, they make us better.)
    • The 4 core regrets that all of us share and what that tells us about a satisfying life.
    • How to transform your existing regrets, anticipate your future regrets, and use this emotion as a force for good.

    Your help last time — which arrived from nearly 10,000 readers! — was invaluable. It changed our direction. If you’re willing to lend your wisdom for another 30 seconds, I’d be grateful.

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