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3 Things: Summer picks — a movie, a novel, some newsletters

1. WHAT TO WATCH: A movie so bizarre it has to be true
My favorite movie of the summer is Three Identical Strangers, a documentary that’s now showing in theaters.  

The story begins in 1980 when Bobby Shafran, who was adopted, discovers he has an identical twin brother whom he never knew about. The twins reunite. Newspaper coverage follows. Hearts swell.

Then David Kellman sees the newspaper photos and realizes those two guys aren’t twins. They’re triplets. And he’s the third one.

Of course, the media go completely bonkers. The three identical triplets, who meet for the first time at age 19, become semi-celebrities. And then the story gets really weird — for reasons I can’t explain without revealing the plot.

Trust me on this one, folks: Three Identical Strangers is worth the price of tickets, parking, and a babysitter. Just watch the trailer

2. WHAT TO READ: A book so real it has to be fiction
My favorite novel of the summer is Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata and translated from Japanese by Ginny Tapley Takemori. (Buy it at, or IndieBound.)

Keiko Furukura was an oddball child — out of synch with her peers, her family, and pretty much the entire world. In her first year of college, Keiko takes a job at Hiiromachi Station Smile Mart, a convenience store.

Eighteen years later, when the story unfolds, she’s still working there — which other people consider peculiar but which might reveal that Keiko is the only sane person in her midst.

This slim, atmospheric novel opens a window on Japanese culture and raises the question of what it means to be normal. The book was a monster hit in Japan and deserves to be one in the U.S. and beyond.

3. WHAT TO SUBSCRIBE TO: Newsletters on education
In honor of back-to-school season, here are 5 of my favorite free email newsletters on education. Read these and you’ll always be informed — and will occasionally be inspired. 

Edutopia — A weekly collection of best practices and insights for educators. 

Mindshift/KQED — A smart weekly newsletter on the future of education.

NPR Ed — Public radio’s take on what’s happening from K to college. 

Politico’s Morning Education — A daily collection of news for hardcore education policy wonks.

Alexander Russo’s The Grade — A weekly roundup of the best education journalism.  

PINKCAST: This is how to talk to yourself
I talk to myself all the time. (Admit it: You do, too.) But now I know how to do it better. 

This 122-second Pinkcast draws on some fascinating research to yield a simple trick for making your “self-talk” more effective. You can watch below.


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