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PINKCAST 3.07: This is one smart, simple thing you should do before bedtime.

Brush your teeth? Check. Put on your jammies? Check. Adjust your sleeping cap? Double check. But what else should you do before going to sleep at night?  The latest Pinkcast offers an idea that could pay off for years. You can watch the 109-second video below.


    • You can find the One Line a Day Notebook from lots of vendors — including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Urban OutfittersWalmart, and Waterstones. Of course, a cheaper option is to use any old notebook, your phone, or your computer. But amortized over 5 years, if not a lifetime, the 15 bucks I dropped at SFMOMA for my notebook was worth it.
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ONE MORE THING: Lessons from a hot dog vendor

I’m a sucker for sports podcasts, but I know they’re not for everyone. 

That’s why I was glad to stumble upon a 21-minute episode from NPR’s Planet Money that might appeal even to folks who don’t know a double play from a double entendre.

The episode is about baseball. But it centers not on the players on the diamond, but on the workers in the stands selling pretzels, hot dogs, and beer.

Two reporters spend an evening with stadium vendors at Boston’s Fenway Park. The result is a fun story that manages to pack a semester’s worth of economics lessons, including: 
  • How human beings forecast the future, 
  • How weather affects demand,
  • The role of seniority in labor markets, 
  • Why people tip — that is, pay extra for something they’ve already purchased,  
  • Whether wiles or work ethic matter more in high performance.
Listen: Planet Money Episode 700. Peanuts and Cracker Jack

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Daniel Pink

P.S. Many thanks to the thousands of you who participated in the regret survey in the last newsletter. I’ll publish some results in our next issue.

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