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PINKCAST 4.08: This is how to capture your great ideas and still get your work done.

Suppose you’re racing to meet today’s deadline. Then, without warning, an amazing but totally unrelated idea comes hurtling into your head. 

Do you lose the thought? Or do you lose your focus? 

Neither — but only if you’ve got something called a “spark file.”

Our latest Pinkcast explains how to use this simple technique. You can watch the 186-second video by clicking the image below:

ONE MORE THING: Want to help me pick the title of my new book?

For more than a year, I’ve been researching and writing a new book. This one’s about regret, as those of you who’ve completed the World Regret Survey already know. 

I’m almost done. But, ladies and gentlemen, I still need a title! And I could use your advice.

If you have 30 seconds, could I trouble you to complete this one-question survey?

Once you click the link, you’ll see 2 book titles we’re considering. Just choose the one you prefer. That’s it. 

If you’d like a bit more background before voting, here are some of the ideas the new book explores:

– Why the “no regrets” philosophy is nonsense. (The only people without regrets are people with brain damage, neurodegenerative disorders, and sociopathy.)

– Why regrets, properly reckoned with, can significantly improve our performance and sharpen our decisions.

– How a straightforward process can transform your regrets into a positive force.

– The four core regrets that all humans have, which together point a path to the good life.

Again, the survey asks just one question, takes 30 seconds, and would help us hugely:

Book Title Survey

* * *

As always, thanks for your time and generosity.

Daniel Pink

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