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PINKCAST 3.20: This is how to clear out your unwanted books.

The world has changed deeply since our last newsletter. More than 1 million people across the globe have contracted the coronavirus. More than 4 billion — half the human beings on Earth — are under stay-at-home orders.

If you and your loved ones are virus-free, thank your lucky stars. Then, if you can, thank the nurses, physicians, public health officials, and first responders who occupy the front lines. They’re doing heroic work.

For the rest of us, who are less heroically sheltering in place, this moment can offer a chance to tackle tasks we avoided during normal times.  

Our latest Pinkcast, taped weeks before anyone had heard of Covid-19, is drawn from Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein’s excellent new book Joy at Work.It offers a smart, practical technique for clearing unwanted books from your overstuffed bookshelves. 

To watch the 131-second video, just click the image below. 


  • This tip comes from the excellent book, Joy at Work, written by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein.

ONE MORE THING: Four Questions Edition 

Subscribers familiar with the Jewish holiday of Passover, which arrives this week, know that its observance involves the recitation of The Four Questions.

In that spirit, this edition’s One More Thing offers not one thing — but four, all of them questions. Maybe some of the answers will be useful in your work, especially during these fraught times.

1. Can working with a complete stranger boost your productivity?
Focusmate thinks so. 

2. Are you the type of person who prefers blissful ignorance or painful truth?
Harvard, Fordham, and Carnegie-Mellon researchers will tell you with this fascinating survey

3. How can you deliver more effective feedback?
Cognitive psychologist LeeAnn Renninger has some suggestions

4. What is the secret to a 70-year-old friendship?
Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner say it’s love and free food.


As always, thanks for subscribing. Be safe, stay strong, and wash your hands. 

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