Top 48 Newsletter Recommendations from Readers


5-Bullet Friday – From Tim Ferriss: “Every Friday, I send out an exclusive email with the five coolest things I’ve found (or explored) that week.”

a16z – News from Andreessen Horowitz, who “backs bold entrepreneurs who move fast, think big, and are committed to building the next major franchises in technology.”

Abundance360 Community – “An exclusive group of entrepreneurs passionate about generating extraordinary wealth while creating a world of abundance.”

Abundance Insider – “Insights on exponential entrepreneurship.”

Aeon – (Scroll to bottom) “Aeon is a digital magazine of ideas and culture.”

Aging in Place Technology Watch – “Market research that provides thought leadership, analysis and guidance about technologies and services that enable boomers and seniors to remain longer in their home of choice.”

The Ann Friedman Weekly – A “weekly newsletter full of great things to read and GIFs and the occasional product endorsement. It arrives in your inbox on Fridays.”

The Atlantic Daily – Updates from The Atlantic.

Awesomely Luvvie – (Scroll down) A “bi-weekly LuvvLetter that drops in your inbox with highly exclusive content, giveaways and some behind the scenes stuff.”

Big Think – “Big ideas from fields outside your own that you can apply toward the questions and challenges in your own life.”

Black Cardigan – “Writerly advice and enthusiasms, sent out Thursdays!”

Blending Leadership – Articles, books, and more, every week or two.

C_ncentrate – “From existing technologies to new ones, growth and strategy hacks to life-hacks if you need to know it, it’s in there – every Sunday @7pm GMT.”

Creative Intelligence – “Insights, research tools, advice and immersive experiences.”

Creative Ventures – “Steve Harvill’s monthly newsletter that presents insightful ideas, happenings, and news in an easy to digest format.”

The Culture Trip – “The best of art, culture and travel for every destination.”

The Daily Watercooler – “The DWC is a free and delightful daily email newsletter.”

Debbie L. Kasman – Debbie writes about “spirituality, female leadership, and the need to transform education.” – “Eclectic excerpts delivered to your email every day.”

The DO Newsletter – “The DO Newsletter is here to inspire you. It’s free. And we only send it once a week.”

The Exponential View – “Exponential change: technology, business models, political economy & society.”

Feel Like You Belong – “Sharing the life stories of immigrants, expatriates, and refugees to the United States.”

Further – “Further is a once-a-week email newsletter that helps you maximize your purpose, performance, and potential.”

Futurism – “Futurism covers the breakthrough technologies and scientific discoveries that will shape humanity’s future.”

Good Things – “A lovely little list of four recommendations sent out once every few months by a polite yet plucky Canadian.”

Head Butler – “Jesse Kornbluth’s very opinionated selection of music, books, and occasionally products.”

Heart of Success Updates – “Holistic coaching and healing.”

Lapham’s Quarterly – (Scroll to bottom) Missives from a magazine of history and ideas.

Learning Habit Weekly – “Learning Habit weekly includes new posts, articles around the web, and books…on topics ranging from business, technology, culture, creativity, philosophy, and psychology.”

The Learning Leader Show – Leadership insight and podcast updates.

Light’s Daily Dose of Inspiration – Inspirational stories, poems, quotes, and nuggets of wisdom.

Links I Would Gchat You if We Were Friends – “”A weekly newsletter by Washington Post digital culture critic Caitlin Dewey. It rounds up the ~very best~ of the week’s Internet chatter each Thursday.”

The Modern Desk – “The Modern Desk is a brief, once-a-week newsletter with a handful of apps and office accessories to help you create a more productive and enjoyable work environment.”

Nautilus – Choose between New Chapters on Thursdays or Editor’s Picks on Sundays.

Nerd Fitness – “Our goal with Nerd Fitness is to remove EVERY barrier – mental, physical, and emotional – that keep people like you from changing your life for the better.”

Nir and Far – News from Nir Eyal, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author.

Priceonomics – “Priceonomics turns data into great stories.”

Real Future – “Every weekday, Fusion’s Alexis Madrigal delivers five tidbits from the past and future.”

Reality-Based Network – “Sign up to receive all the latest and greatest from Cy Wakeman and the Reality-Based Team.”

Recomendo – “A weekly newsletter that gives you 6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff.”

REDEF – “REDEF creates daily “interest remixes” which are curated information streams focusing on industries and pop culture.”

RUK Digest – Random Useful Knowledge.

Sesquiotica – About words and language.

Springwise – “The latest and greatest innovation ideas from around the world.”

Totally Uncorked on Marketing – “Get marketing, branding, and customer experience tips, free and cheap marketing tools, resources, and study results that can help your small/medium business or nonprofit organization power up its brand.”

The Unstandardized Standard – “The Unstandardized Standard is about breaking the rules. a place where learning and life become about exploration, curiosity, and passion.”

Visual Merchandising and Store Design – “Visual Merchandising and Store Design showcases the latest store designs and visual presentations, presents merchandising strategies and new products, and reports on industry news and events.”

Wait But Why – Science, technology, and more.

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