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98 Responses to “Pinkcast 1.1
One question to help you make better decisions”

  1. Phil says:

    Dan – great job. short, clear and important key message. You provided links to reading materials if we want more. You were not rushed. The background was not distracting.

    Many thanks.

    • Dr. Bob Bayuk says:

      Dan, you did not have to say “what would you tell …” twice. A very slight pause would have been stronger. Maybe you need a hand coach.

      • Becky Casey says:

        Thanks for asking our opinion on the prototypes, Dan. This tip could not have come at a better time . . . and that’s what I like about your casts – whether the tips are new or old, I will always watch a Pinkcast for a common sense reminder or a timely tip. Thank you!

      • Staria Clark says:

        Not to be insulting I genuinely find this amusing.

        A hand coach? Is that a thing? A profession? LOL

      • Nancy Chilton says:

        I like the repetition.
        I like the repetition.

    • Asheen says:

      I agree, I thought it was great. The background was not at all distracting, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I find myself curious about and coveting Dan’s bookshelf!

  2. Lee Folger says:

    Great stuff. The links are a very handy way to let users drill down if they want more.

  3. Mike Sturdivant says:

    Thanks for the tip. I have had “Decisive” sitting on my night stand for over two years. Guess what I’m going to start reading tonight.

  4. dario says:

    Sharp and succinct, I like tips like this a lot.

  5. Marian Pontz says:

    Mr. Pink-
    I love these videos. I show to my high school juniors and then we discuss. Really great “thought provokers”.
    Thank you for your work.
    P.S. I do end up buying way too many books because of your recommendations. The pile on my bedside table is growing!

  6. Daniel Uehara says:

    Great tip, short but strong message. Love the format and the links to get more details about the topic. Keep them coming please.

  7. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Another exciting adventure with Dan!!! Great stuff, as always. Loved the pop-up of the book and the single question. Nice touch on both. And….. (wait for it…) I even saw you smile – twice! Yippee!!!! It just keeps getting better every time. Well done Dan.

  8. Mary Scherf says:

    Wonderful advice for achieving some distance from a problem. What a great beginning.Thanks!

  9. Russell Morris says:

    Nice job. Concise, high energy and links to other resources for deeper dive.

  10. Amanda Otto says:

    It’s funny how easy it is to support and encourage a friend, yet so difficult to do for oneself. This is a great reminder.

  11. Toine says:

    Super Super!

  12. John says:


    (evidently I only have two left thumbs)

  13. Helen Bloomfield says:

    Nailed this one. (Useful) Key message received loud and clear! Thanks:-)

  14. Susan Colket says:

    Dan, thanks for continuing the Pinkcast and for this tip & book recommendation! As someone who leans towards over-thinking – zooming out in this way sounds like a good antidote. Because you’re telling us about it, I want to assume you’ve found it helpful. Maybe it would be too personal too give an example or it would take too much time. And there’s something to it when we can say, do as I do vs. do as I say. Thank you!

  15. Lisa Reinhart says:

    Spot on, Dan! Especially like the resource links below – and your gesture to point them out.

  16. Lou Prosperi says:

    Hi Dan,
    Great choice for your first “official” Pinkcast. This is going to be a great place to share nuggets of wisdom in a friendly and easily accessible format. Looking forward to see what future Pinkcasts have in store for us!

  17. Jim Cull says:

    Glad you’ve launched this rocket. The sky is the limit with your Pinkcasts!!!

  18. Love your messages and the books you recommend. Thank you!

  19. Gina says:

    Hello Mr. Pink,
    Goody gum drops! Love how you came up with a winning combo of features that actually make your pinkcasts rise to the top like cream. Fab. Keep going please.

  20. Walter Akana says:

    Great Pinkcast, Dan! And great book too!

  21. Liv says:

    Wow, Dan, you come such a long way! Wonderful first PinkCast! Kudos!
    I second Marian, you are indeed increasing book sales!

  22. Dan, I’m so excited you took the feedback from the trial run and decided to put this out regularly.
    I heard this “what would you advise a friend to do?” idea when Dan Heath spoke to my professional development group back when their book was first published. It’s all about creating the perspective of distance (from the emotional entanglement in the decision). Thanks for the succinct reminder — and looks like it’s time to pull out my copy of the book and review my notes to see what else I’ve forgotten!

  23. Focused, interesting nugget. In IMHO, would have more gravetas if you shared how you (or someone) actually used the technique. Granted, that presents a design time crunch problem – but just a thought. (Hope my use of the hyphen doesn’t drive you crazy:) Congratulations on your first Pinkcast! I am officially a fan. Hashtag? T-shirts? Bumper stickers?

  24. Mike says:

    Great Pinkcast as usual. Whether new or old, the way you present ideas makes them more accessible than when received from books or management courses.

    I try to take some of your ideas to discuss with my friends. This one should have universal appeal – both in business and personal contexts. I look forward to our next golf outing for an on-course discussion.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  25. Carol says:

    Another great Pinkcast! Thanks for being short, sweet and informative. Looking forward to next time.

  26. I often find we’re better at telling others what to do because we’re not as invested in the consequences–even if we love them dearly and want the best. So it’s easy to say “just decide X”–but if you really want to be a friend (to others or to yourself,) ask, “what’s the one thing you need to do next?” One thing seems manageable when a big decision seems hard. Love the Pinkcast–thanks for provoking these thoughts!

  27. Brilliant. Love the Pinkcast. Great tips and advice. Looking forward to more to come!

  28. Amy S says:

    Like a little piece of dark chocolate – good and good for you – but Pinkcasts are calorie-free. Keep up the Pinkcasts!

  29. Fred Katz says:

    Dan – great advice….sounds obvious but internal factors stop you from thinking obvious when stressed.

  30. Alison Segebarth says:

    Great topic for the official kick off – I’ll be looking forward to the first and third Tuesday of each month to see where you’ll lead us next. Thanks!

  31. Hugh O'Donnell says:

    Thanks for the pointer, Dan! Now, please tell me the tittle of all those books behind you, or at least publish a sharp photo of your library. I’d love to know what your read.

  32. sekhar chandrasekhar says:

    astounding clarity; exciting brevity, sir!


    and really looking forward!

  33. Jason Berger says:

    Right to the point from Heath & Heath! Love your format and the direct message.

  34. John Mac says:

    Hi Dan,

    Remember your intent, stay on that.
    The manifestation and all that it is…pinkcasts…
    are simply that, and the beginnings, hopefully, of real everyday actions in your readers. Stay on the intent, which is sincere. Especially at the very beginning when your getting all these backslaps. I like reading you.

  35. Joseph Dubé says:

    Potent indeed. One of my fav questions when doing one on one strategic planning and coaching.
    Thank you Dan : )

  36. Pojai says:

    Clarity, brevity, with links to further explore.
    The title catches attention & curiosity of readers.
    Waiting for more!

  37. Tim Carr says:

    A clear and useful nugget. Thanks! And the video played without a hitch in Indonesia.

  38. Nadia Dean says:

    Great reminder that when we invoke empathy, we find our way home to the right decision. Thanks Dan!!

  39. Carmela Chaney says:

    In our busy day, having to pay attention (and get something out of it!) for too long isn’t appealing. That’s why this works so well. You say one thing, succinctly…it’s like a tiny bite. Perfect!

  40. David Yorka says:

    81 seconds of prime Pinkcast!
    The book is excellent (those gentlemen are on a roll)
    I enjoy and benefit from your bits and bites.
    You culled from several directions to offer a handy meaningful phrase.

    repetition, repetition…….

  41. Jimmy C says:

    NAILED IT! Great advice!

  42. Claudia says:

    Brilliant, happy to hear it here. I recently helped myself out of a tricky situation, where no-one’s advise worked, and did just that: What would a Life Coach tell me? From there I could create a change map and voila 🙂

  43. I have had experience of this and agree with it.

    Good tip, Dan.

    I will keep it in mind – including for talking to friends.

  44. Marco says:

    I read their book a few years ago and this is one of the tips that stuck with me. I also used it to finally make a difficult decision I’d been contemplating for some time. Loved the reminder in a simple video that I can share with others.

  45. Ryan says:

    A great pinkcast! I love the concept of putting yourself in others’ shoes to make your own decisions! Similarly, a brilliant friend once told me, when I was confused over love and relationships: Ask yourself, “Is this is the mother of my (future) children?” You’ll compromise for yourself but you won’t for them. Btw – it worked perfectly, I moved on and later found the love of my life and the mother to my 2 amazing kids.

  46. Bill B says:

    As I’m in the middle of making a big decision, that I’m stuck with. This was perfect timing. Clear and sucking in the advice. Glad to be part of the “PinkCasts”

  47. Kyle says:

    Great info! I’ll be looking more into this data, so thanks for sharing it.

    I noticed that you seem a little off-balance which is a but unusual for your previous episodes. Take a second to breath and slow down. Let the message linger and resonate.

  48. Peach M says:

    Yep, makes total sense! Thanks for the tip!!!

  49. Wendy says:

    I love that advice and actually had done that sometimes.
    Good to know, I was not off base.

  50. Simple and incisive!

  51. Nick T says:

    A great question to ask yourself, like you suggested.
    I also see great potential in using this when coaching others. It’s a great variation, and alternate way to turn the mirror to the coachee and ask what they see.

    Excellent post.

  52. Kendall says:

    Such great advise. I loved Dan and Chips previous book, “Switch”. I used to use something like this when I had an intimidating task in front of me. Especially if the task itself wasn’t hard, but for some reason had some sort of emotional stress attached to it in my mind. I would ask myself “How would your assistant handle this?” I didn’t have an assistant, but it gave me that distancing effect so I could break down the task and get started.

  53. Great thoughts and great tip here today! This is one that I will pass along to students and teachers alike!

  54. Kathi says:

    Well done!!
    Love the Links and Additional Reading option.

  55. This is a good tip and I am interested in reading the book and finding out more. I’d say it’s a winner. I watched it twice so I could look at your book shelf. 🙂

  56. Chris Pears says:

    I liked that you provided the academic references and books for the idea so if I want to dig deeper on the issue I can.

  57. Bruce Davis says:

    Thanks for the quick hits, love them. Thinking the next generation should be subliminal Pink-casts while I sleep to build better habits.

  58. Well done. Great use of social media. You’ve inspired me to stop months of procrastinating and finally start producing short videos based on my blogs and upcoming podcasts. I would appreciate any tips on the production hosting end.
    I look forward to reconnecting with you. It’s been a while since we spoke.

  59. Joe J says:

    Hey Dan,

    sorry you still have a problem with a time delay in the audio lag to videoplay. This was a past problem as well. Any ideas why this is happening?


  60. Joe says:

    played this again. And now it worked. carry on. Thanks Dan.


  61. Love this one – been using a variation of it for years… that variation being “What would Batman do?” 🙂

    Admit it, you KNOW it makes sense….

  62. Jason Levin says:

    Love the advice. Well done Dan. It was the advice my wife gave me when I decided to start my own business 5 years ago. She was right.

  63. Kay says:

    Thanks for sharing your Pinkcast. You have a way of sharing information that makes it fun and relatable whether it’s in person, in one of your books, by newsletter, blog post and now Pinkcast. I look forward to receiving many more nuggets of information via Pinkcast.

  64. Gail says:

    Great tip and love the reading options- Thanks:)

  65. rob davies says:

    Super job. Not to be contrary but I liked the repetition – it makes the point about the whole message, like the text box.

    I wouldn’t waste your money and time on a hand coach – you would doubtless uncover many self limiting hand beliefs that only your feet could compensate for.

    Please keep these coming – I love them.

    Best wishes,


  66. Ian Smith says:

    Smart advice, it seems that by reframing the question, you are separating execution from strategy.

    Many thanks


  67. Pat says:

    This concept has come together beautifully; well done, Dan!

    And as to the content, I find this technique also effectively re-wires the deadly habit of negative self-talk! When I fall short or mess up and start regaling myself with replays of every failure ever (and some really choice name-calling), I stop short and think, “If my best friend confessed this mistake to me, would this be my response?!” Of course not! Or we wouldn’t be friends for long, right? I’d help with a reality check/ damage assessment & strategies for ‘where do we go from here.’ And I wouldn’t think any less of them as a person either, because everyone makes mistakes.

    When we learn to be as kind to ourselves as we are to others (reverse golden rule? lol), confidence and success skyrocket!

  68. Ed Lawrence says:

    great advice … keep the Pinkcasts coming!!!!!!

  69. Hi, Daniel:

    I like any technique that can help people make decisions in a timely manner. One of the issues today is management getting frozen and putting off decision. That is worse than making a wrong, let’s say sub=optimal, decision. Many decisions are tactical and won’t kill you if you get them wrong.

    In my book, I cited a technique called the Freudian coin toss. You basically flip a coin, read what it says the answer is, and then….see how you feel about it. Somewhat similar to the Heath bros technique where you have the answer, you just need a way to get it out of your head and on to the table.

    By the way, there is an oft repeated quite in books and the internet of exactly what Freud said about the coin toss technique. We were never able to verify the quote so it may actually be urban legend. Legend or no, the Freudian coin toss works very well.

    John J Patterson

  70. Karin says:


    Can you please make sure that you repeat the one key point at least 5 times?

    The more you repeat it the better.

    So, in summary, would you please make sure that you repeat your one key point at least 5 times?

    Thanks for reading, and do remember, repeat your one key point at least 5 times.


  71. Dean says:

    That is so true, I have just been through this with a friend of mine, restructuring his business and his finances … he’s now better off than me ! 😉

  72. Sara Gardner says:

    Please consider captioning your videos!

  73. Belinda says:

    I’m onboard…. tidbits are so digestible! I am in Direct Sales. Are we able to share the link to your Pinkcast to our team?

  74. Rita says:

    I would advise my best friend to subscribe to Pinkcasts!!

    Thanks for making us better. Go, Dan, go!

  75. Jen says:

    the length is great and the delivery was good. I don’t think you need to repeat the point multiple times when it is in a text box. i did find the background drew the attention away from your face, the books are fine with me but the pattern or grid on the desk? carel? behind you was somewhat distracting although not enough so that I didn’t get the point or wouldn’t watch again.

  76. Courtney says:

    That was great! Short and sweet! I forgot to mention that you should check in w/ Marie Forleo for more ideas on format for your short “Pink Casts.” Did I say that was great?!

  77. Jen says:

    Loved this! It was short and sweet and gave you enough information that you walked away learning something! Thanks for doing these as I really look forward to them.

  78. Cheri says:

    Wonderful. As someone planning similar content for an upcoming YouTube series, it has been helpful to observe your process and see the feedback as a beta tester. Delivery was excellent, and you focused the points well. I think for future “Pink Casts” including some sort of summative quote from the researchers/writers you reference might further drive home the point. Though, not necessary, just a thought for the future. Great work!

  79. simon cutter says:

    Dan Thank you for the podcast. Simple idea very powerful delivered in your usual clear and engaging way. Your thoughts ideas and stratergies are really helping my grow my life.

  80. Louise Shanly says:

    This is fabulous thanks Dan. I’ve been wrestling with a decision for a few days – one that I actually did make today – but as I watched your Pink Cast and framed up the decision per ‘what would I advise my best friend to do’ the decision I needed to make was absolutely, unequivocally clear! (btw this is the decision I did make but I procrastinated over for ages!!!_

  81. Stephen Gatchell says:

    Hi Dan – it would be great to have some navigation around previous/next pinkcasts so someone can easily view more than one during a session. Good format on having 1 takeaway in less than couple of minutes.

  82. Sandy says:

    You said “welcome to another….” This is number 1.1. Are there other pinkcasts besides these 7? If so – where do we find them?

    • Dan Pink says:

      Actually, that’s a bit of a slip of the tongue. At the moment we’ve got only 7 Pinkcasts, but more are on the way!

  83. Darin says:

    Loving these Pinkcasts…and that you can learn something practical in 2 minutes!

  84. Bhola Prasad says:

    Dear Dan, I really like this technique. I had applied this technique before and it helped a lot. I also like to ask “what’s holding you back ?” . I was keep falling continuously to go to gym for more than 12 years. So I asked myself ” What’s holding you back ?”. It makes clear, what is the real problem behind it. Now I go to gym everyday. Gonna watch more Pinkcast videos 🙂

    Hope you have a great day.

    With regards,

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