Selected Press Coverage for The Power of Regret

Saturday Essay: ‘No regrets’ Is No Way to Live (Wall Street Journal)

The Best-Seller List Has Some Regrets, and That’s OK (New York Times)

Author Daniel Pink on the power and value of regret (CBS Mornings)

Daniel Pink: Regret can be a rich source of inspiration (Financial Times)

4 kinds of regret – and what they teach you about yourself (TED)

How feelings of regret can make a positive impact (ABC News)

How to live with your regrets (BBC)

Why a ‘No Regrets’ Philosophy Won’t Get You Anywhere, According to Business Guru Daniel Pink (Time)

You've been told to let go of the past. But can regret be good for you? (Washington Post)

Daniel Pink wants to challenge what we think and know about regret (NPR-1A)

Interview with Daniel Pink (Armchair Expert)

The Power of Regret with Dan Pink (Brene Brown’s Dare to Lead)

How examining our regrets can make for a more meaningful life (NPR Life Kit)

Regret are inevitable. Start learning from them. (HBR Ideacast)

How owning our regrets makes us a better person (WHYY Radio Times)

How to Use Your Regrets for Good (GQ)

How to harness the power of money regrets (Reuters)

Can Career Regrets Be Avoided?: A Q & A with Daniel Pink (Bloomberg)

Regrets? We’ve all had a few but they can help your career (Financial Times)

Why We Should Start to Think Differently About Regrets (Forbes)

Create a failure resume to feel more satisfied about your career, says author who researchers regret (Business Insider)

Daniel Pink has 19,000 regrets and counting. What can we learn from his research? (Deseret News)

How to Deal with Regret (Men’s Health)

How To Have Happy Regrets (Slate)

I Asked 16,000 People What They regret. Here's What I Learned (Haaretz)

Why regret is good for you (Prospect)

Don’t insist on being positive – allowing negative emotions has much to teach us (Guardian)

Regret is misunderstood (The Hindu)

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