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Bold new ideas for the new year. Daniel Pink’s To Sell is Human.

Are you in sales? (Hint: Whatever your job, the answer is yes.) Dan Pink’s new book, To Sell is Human:

When pitching an idea, questions often work better than statements. To Sell is Human:

Read why extraverts actually make terrible salespeople. To Sell is Human:

The first book on sales for people who’d never read a book on sales. To Sell is Human.

Has business shifted from “buyer beware” to “seller beware”? Dan Pink’s new book:

We’re all in sales now, but sales isn’t what it used to be. To Sell is Human.

The elevator pitch? Meh. Learn the 6 new pitches of the 21st century in Daniel Pink’s new book:

Daniel Pink says, “Like or not, we’re all in sales now.” Then he explains what to do about it.

From “Always Be Closing” to the new ABC’s of selling: Attunement, Buoyancy, & Clarity. Dan Pink’s new book:

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