Craig Damrauer is an artist who has renders abstract concepts in the orderly form of equations. I know — that doesn’t make much sense. So check out a few examples of his work below or at MoreNewMath.69.gif133.gif152.gif

6 Responses to “Craig D = Verbal SAT + Math SAT – SAT”

  1. I like it and can see using the technique in workshops to capture key sections of content in a very abbreviated form. Reminds me of Jessica Hagy and her book, Indexed.

  2. Kira Campo says:

    Sat in on a marketing class last week at Wharton. The guest lecturer was Carlos Basualdo–Curator of Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
    He made a grand point of the “what defines innovation in the Fine Arts” question. Damrauer would have been a great example.

    Craig Damrauer+Dan Pink Blog= A Whole New Museum

  3. The Dan Ward says:

    Great stuff – my dad uses an alternate version of one of those equations, and says S = R/E (for Satisfaction equals reality over expectations). Basically the same concept, only with a positive spin…

  4. Sharon says:

    Dan, you and your readers might also enjoy Same concept, but using Venn diagrams.

  5. Aaron Ledwith says:

    I can see how people can think that about modern art but those artists, at least some, truly have a gift. Yes, their art looks like a five year old drew it but it creates emotions and gets a viewer to think and, most important, it invites the viewer to use their imagination. Which, in my opinion, is sometimes lacking in the average mind of today’s people and needs to be stimulated more often. Even if it is with a first grader’s art work.

  6. Elizbeth LaVerghetta says:

    I agree with Aaron’s comment; even though most modern art looks like it was done by a five year old, it still invokes emotion and leaves an impression with the viewer. For instance, when pop art was introduced and made popular by Andy Warhol, most critics disregarded the unconventional pieces, saying it wasn’t real art. Yet other people welcomed Warhol’s artwork because it depicted easily recognizable objects. All in all, some people just don’t respond well to change and modern art, whereas, others are touched by the simple art of five years olds.

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