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10 Responses to “My favorite interview. Ever.”

  1. john.updike says:

    Fantastic interview, congratulations! As a college student, I wonder how I can develop right-brain characteristics…it’s tough for seniors these days.

  2. Pam says:

    HI — saw you on Oprah’s Soul Series and immediately bought your book! And one for a friend. It is extremely interesting to me. I teach preschool and am always wondering how to cultivate the right brains of all my children! THANKS! HOPE TO SEE YOU SPEAK IN PERSON one day!

  3. Sital says:

    Great interview Dan,

  4. jer979 says:

    Most excellent!

  5. Congrats, Dan! Very cool.

  6. jomar says:

    Totally funny that this is just a recent interview!

    I thought this interview was done a year ago. I came across your Bunko book a few months ago and lent it to my friend – who blogged about it – you even commented on her blog.

    Now..I was checking the review at Books 24×7 – loaded the mp3 summary on my Nokia to hear it on the run…

    So I decided to get more interviews from you online -just today – Oct 24 – incredible that this interview just happened LAST WEEK. Listening to it right now!

    Wow. Did you say 4 indians help you create the book? The how is a book in itself!

    in Asia.

  7. Ben Francia says:

    This is so awesome! Congrats, Dan!

  8. steve mccrea says:

    When I heard that Oprah had given Pink’s book A Whole New Mind to 4000 graduates at Stanford University, I had to find out if Oprah had ever interviewed Dan Pink… and what a remarkable interview it is. I ask my students to watch it to find out why Oprah was so moved by the book and its ideas. Some of my students actually thank me for showing them page 133 (the FedEx question: “What do you see?”). It’s an excellent question but I had to blacken out the answer so that my students (one at a time) can have a chance to experience the moment when the right side of the brain is given time to observe.

    a remarkable tool for middle school and especially high school. A required book in my classrooms. I have four copies floating around student homes at the moment.

    Thank you, Mr. Pink.

  9. Maggie C. says:

    I loved A Whole New Mind so much that I recommended it for my Book Club where it was a universal hit! One thing is still nagging me however and no-one in my Book Club got it either! What is the
    ‘whimsical ” negative space on the Hershey Kisses wrapper? None of us could see it and it’s driving me crazy! Please reveal the answer!

  10. Patxi says:

    Fantastic Interview !!! great insights
    really enjoy it