Yesterday’s item on Jeremy Grantham’s hemispheric explanation for the credit crisis got tons of hits. So to feed a hungry public, let me serve a few other chewy tidbits I’ve collected from the economic meltdown:

  • Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban offers some keen thoughts about how to get rich — especially in times of economic uncertainty.
  • In Wired, Clive Thompson makes a good case that the next wave of high-tech innovation will come from Old Hands, not Young Turks. Why? The real action now is atoms, not bits — complicated, capital-intensive, politically sensitive areas such environmental technology. In those realms, experience rules. (Addendum: This idea softly echoes the work of economist David Galenson, whom I profiled in Wired a couple of years ago.)
  • Culture prediction: In our newly cash-strapped world, frugality will become the new ostentation. I mean it. Guess who owns the domain
  • If you can’t take the news any longer, check out RecessionBlocker. The site allows you to read reports from the BBC, CNN, and other outlets — but without nasty words and phrases like “downturn,” “crash,” “bloodbath,” and “your kids aren’t going to college.”

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