Inspired no doubt by Travel Tip #3, the New York Times offers its very own guide to airport dining.

Some old standbys make the list. Paschal’s in Altanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson is there, as it should be. (Nothing like collard greens to take the sting out of a delay.) So is the fantabulous La Carreta, which is about the only thing I like about the Miami Airport. And, yes, I do eat at Billy Goat Tavern in O’Hare, though more for nostalgia than for nourishment. (Somehow, though, I’d missed Cousin’s Bar-B-Q at DFW, which I’ll check out next time American Airlines strands me in Dallas.

In all, reporter Matt Gross did a nice job with the piece. You can read the whole thing here.  

2 Responses to “Airport eating, Times-style”

  1. Susan says:

    Oh, honey. It is collard greens, not collared greens. Saw you speak in Columbus, GA, in September. Great fun! Y’all come back soon!

  2. Dan Pink Dan Pink says:

    Ooops. My bad. Fixing it right now. Thanks, Susan!

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