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14 Responses to “Pink’s Travel Tip #3: Four road food rules of thumb”

  1. Thank goodness, for a second I thought you were going to suggest Burger King!

    BK does seem skilled at finding scenarios where they are the ONLY option late at night at many airports. I suggest going hungry. Feel free to delete this comment if you hope to add BK as a sponsor to the site. 🙂

  2. Tip #4 – when at Atlanta Hartsfeld Airport (it’s not a matter of “if”), always eat at Paschal’s, the soul food that fueled the civil rights movement but, more importantly, is darned tasty for airport food.

  3. I was just in that airport and decided because it was in the South I’d try a southern biscuit. Let’s just say it was hard to swallow. So I appreciate your tip.

    Question: What kind of camera and tripod or stand do you use for these vlogs–the quality’s very good (and you do an excellent job presenting as well).

    Thanks for your useful tips!

  4. Darryl says:

    Good stuff. Keep them coming.

  5. Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

    @ Aaron — Yes! Paschal’s is a must. As it happens, I discovered the place because I noticed so many pilots and flight attendants in line there. Plus, I’m a sucker for good plate of greens.

    @ Daniel — I use the iSight camera built in to my MacBook Pro. Then I use iMovie to edit (sic) the piece.

  6. Ed Brenegar says:

    Totally agree 1-4, especially on protein over carbs.
    A couple additional thoughts.
    1. Avoid sugar when traveling. Really messes up energy levels. I’m off sodas, not coffee, and drink unsweet tea and water all the time now.
    2. Carry mixed nuts or trail mix. Planters has a can of mixed nuts that I keep in the car and carry in a ziplock on the plane – Heart Healthy. Has almonds, pecans, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts and hazelnuts. I can miss a road meal with a couple handfuls of these. The best is that they aren’t full of salt, MSG or greasy.

    Future topics:
    1. Getting through security quickly and hassall free
    2. What you carry when you are on a multi-day, multi-city trip.
    3. Seat selection / preference – front/back, window / aisle, left/ right, and emergency exit row.
    4. Travel etiquette – in the terminal and in flight.
    5. Best airports / in terminal restaurants and shops

  7. Earl says:

    Well done, and thanks again for the Bacitracin tip!

    I always carry Clif Bars with me for eating on the plane, and almonds in mini zip lock bags, too. If there’s a Subway in the airport, I like to hit there during layovers.

    Keep ’em flying!

  8. Perry Droast says:

    Great tips. I just got in this morning from Philadelphia. Had to spend 4 hours sleeping in LAX because it would have been even more time to get to and from a hotel.

    I always carry a bag of nuts and a couple Clif bars.

    I tend to go for Burger King or McDonalds or Subway in airports because I know my stomach doesn’t complain when I eat it. I avoid high grease items like cheese steak sandwiches and pizza.

    I really like Itza Wrap (did I spell that right?).

    There is one in the Denver airport (terminal B). I eat there every time I fly through there.

    Great tips.

  9. Margaret Becker says:

    Love the tips, but gotta take issue with the chicken quesadilla being the new club sandwich. First, the quesadilla starts with one of my numero uno nutritional pet peaves – the bomb of white nutritional nothingness – the flour tortilla. Second, it has only three other ingredients: chicken, lots of cheese and grease. It is loaded with fat, saturated fat and calories. The turkey club, on the other hand, is not fried, and can be made on whole wheat bread with little or no mayo. It has a variety of ingredients (variety being arguably the most important nutritional rule)including vegetables which contain vitamins and fiber (should I get into the importance of regularity while traveiling?…probably not right now) So, I say, stick with the club.

  10. Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

    @ margaret — good argument. maybe i should order a quesadilla with veggies as well as chicken. but a club sandwich sans mayonnaise just isn’t right. thanks for reading!

  11. I would have just swapped the bottled water for the water fountain… just to be environmentally conscious 🙂

  12. Dan Dettmers says:

    Warning, I’ve gotten burned with Rule #1. I can’t remember the airport but I noticed all the flight crews were eating at a single restaurant. I ate there and it was not good. When I asked the flight attendant why they all ate there, she said, “Show up in uniform and you get 50% off or more.” Doh! I paid way too much for a sub par chicken sandwich.