First came six-word autobiographies. Now Smith Magazine and the National Constitution Center are teaming up to collect suggestions for six words to inspire President-elect Obama and perhaps to include in his Inaugural Address.


Here are some possibilities, both my own and selections from the Smith web site:

Today the American story begins anew.

We can, we should, we will.

The task: A more perfect union.

Yes we can. But only together.

I hereby retract all campaign promises.

What’s your six-word Inaugural?

61 Responses to “The six-word Inaugural Address”

  1. Len Elder says:

    Hope must now turn to action.
    The American Dream is not dead.
    More than words. Yes We Can!

  2. We have work. Let’s get going.

  3. History belongs to those who believe.

    Yes we can. Affirmations do work.

    They said no. Voters said yes.

    Yes we can. Now we will.

    Today’s promise is tomorrow’s shining future.

    Those who believed are standing here today.

    All dreams begin with a “Yes”

    We came. We dreamed. We won.

    We envisioned. We hoped. We succeeded.

    It’s not a presidency. It’s destiny.

    Life at full throttle, begins now.

    The time, the people, promise fulfilled.

    My ladder, the backs of thousands.

  4. Jackie Burhans says:

    We are who we voted for
    Ask what you can do now

  5. Hi Dan!

    This is awesome. I LOVE six word stories so thanks for sharing this!

    “Change the world with six words!”

    “Obama reflects a new collective consciousness.”

    “See the change. Be the change.”

  6. Saul Kaplan says:

    It is game time. Let’s go.

  7. gregorylent says:

    i fooled you, i had to ….

  8. We must now move ahead together
    no republicans, no democrats, only Americans
    live, love, share, we must cooperate
    fate has brought us all together
    let us begin building our tomorrows

  9. Susan says:

    Four score-seven years from now?

  10. Rick Murray says:

    Can I please keep my Blackberry?

  11. Esteban Kolsky says:

    thank you. let’s get to work.

  12. Nana nana na na na na!

  13. Victors write history. Let’s start writing.

    They said we couldn’t. We did.

    We beat the odds. Do it again.

    Anything is possible. We proved that.

    We can. We did. We will.

  14. Rajiv Vindaloo says:

    You fell for it. Watch this.

  15. We came. We saw. We conquered.

    Our work today, shapes life tomorrow.

    Linda M. Lopeke
    The SMARTSTART Coach

  16. Roy Barnes says:

    Imagine what we can do together

  17. Chris Coons says:

    We’re broke. Oops! Bush broke it.

    Do you believe in us?

    Without vision, the people will perish

    Ahead lies hope. Let’s move on!

  18. JB says:

    Yes, we can; now, we DO.

    Together, we can rebuild America (Only five! Do I get a prize for brevity?)

    But I think I like the first one best, because I can hear Obama saying it: “Today the American story begins anew.”

  19. One man can’t fix it all.

    Christian Jew Me You Lots 2Do

    Come together before its to late

  20. A house divided can not stand.

  21. sanford sharp says:

    I promise to do good stuff.

    Friends, Romans, countrymen – what, no Romans?

    I come not to bury Caesar.

    You just ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  22. Jack Milano says:

    Great Democrats work with Moderate Republicans

    Great Republicans work with Moderate Democrats

    Ignore the politician behind the curtain

    I’m not like Illinois politicians, really!

  23. I will lead. Will you follow?

    What do you expect of yourselves?

    How will we solve problems together?

    We said we could. Will we?

    Statements aren’t enough. We need questions.

    What’s missing from the American Dream?

    What sacrifice will you make today?

    Campaigns are broad. Governing is narrow.

    Restoring America’s promise is what matters.

    Thank God Bush is in Texas!

  24. Here’s one more:

    Beginning today, we stop saying nookular.

  25. Virginia Hamilton says:

    I am already better than him.

  26. Rick Moore says:

    White House is our house, again.

  27. Candice says:

    From dark days, new Hope emerges.

  28. diane walton says:

    today, we celebrate our collective audacity.

  29. Not me, not they, us.
    Today, we remind, reengage, and renew.
    We are the stewards of our destiny. (7 wds)
    Destiny is ours to create. (5 wds)
    Our time is now, our work great. (7 wds)
    Today is tomorrow’s legacy. We, its creators. (7 wds)
    We’re the leaders we’ve waited for. (Better as “We ARE the leaders we’ve been waiting for.”)

  30. Sreejayan says:

    Right brain not be left behind.

    Let Arts Crafts flourish under him.

    New beginning with a new chapter.

  31. Diane Hessan says:

    Keep Your Promise To Stay Engaged

  32. Heather says:

    Yes we can, we will prevail.

    Together we can, together we will.

    Yes we can, I need you.

    This is YOUR country, follow me.

    Follow me, together we will prevail.

  33. hope torrents says:

    A sea change. Wave goodbye GW.
    Now is the time for US
    Say ‘hello’ to partisan ‘goodbye’ bi
    Power isn’t example, example is power
    Charity begins in your own backyard
    Help each other to create change

  34. K Campo says:

    Be patient, all change takes time.

  35. Nathan D. Lill says:

    He didn’t. I think we will.

  36. Heather says:

    Life is a journey, follow me.

    Stand by me, we will prevail.

  37. 1. Ask yourself, What can I do?
    2. We must work together or fail.
    3. We can write a new story.
    4. Stewardship then profit, but first, people.
    5. First: Labradoodle or Portugese Water Dog?
    6. Not white or black, simply Americans.
    7. Not eloquence, but action is required.
    8. We work for the future, today.
    9. I have a dream, one America.
    10. Inside us is the American Dream.

  38. and one more:
    We can, we will, we must!

  39. Don Szumnarski says:

    Breathe deep…hold tight… join in!

  40. Lindsey Tanner says:

    If we want to start a new country we just have to start. We all need to do something to help. We did, we can, we will.

  41. Glen Fahs says:

    Together we are an unstoppable force.

  42. The American dream has just begun.

  43. Chris says:

    1. Hoping for change? Keep on hoping.
    2. Meet the new boss. Carter redux.
    3. The world will like us again!
    4. Socialism: not just for dictators anymore.
    5. Guantanamo? I’ll get around to it.

  44. Marti Szumnarski says:

    Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

  45. Marti and Don says:

    From an abomination to an Obama-nation.

  46. Chris says:

    Be careful what you hope for.

  47. PJ says:

    EVERYTHING is possible- if not probable

  48. C. Peters says:

    Yes, we can — because we must.

  49. Michelle Guetens says:

    With hopeful resolve together we’ll prevail!

    Challenge yourself to change our world

    Dream, Decide, Deliver, Discover, Develop, Determine

  50. Tom Purcell says:

    Do not judge, we’re all equal

  51. Syrena Pettway says:

    Economic equality made possible for all

  52. Dom Galardi says:

    We live in freedom as one
    Together as one we unite proudly
    Let’s make today new not tomorrow
    United with hope we grow stronger
    Keep united never divided live stronger

  53. Irwin says:

    We can put America on track
    With hard work we can succeed
    United people can overcome any situation

  54. Vicky L. says:

    As one nation, we can achieve.

  55. Shanda Lewis says:

    New president, no limits, larger dreams.

    Black White Yellow, still American.

  56. Nixon Arauz says:

    Hope is what America craves for.

    Yes We can!!!

    Lets be the change we want to see in the world.

  57. zoe says:

    Inspired hope, with a catchy slogan.
    People put their dreams in me.
    I am still human, not perfect.
    I make mistakes, bear with me.
    People make country, not leaders alone.
    Work with me, I’m not savior.
    You change first, I will help.

  58. alberta boulware says:

    wracking my brain, too many words

    eighty years soon, planning twenty more

  59. Mark says:

    I lied. I’ll prove it daily.

  60. Entijer says:

    Only 5 words needed: LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!

  61. First proved I’m right, then left.

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