p_aer_l102jpg.jpegTen or fifteen years ago, if you walked into a typical hotel room catering to business travelers, you’d likely encounter a dodgy, uncomfortable chair behind what was nominally a work desk. ¬†If you visit a business-oriented hotel today — particularly chains like Hyatt and Marriott — you’ll likely be able to plop your behind into a sleek, comfortable¬†Aeron chair.

How did this transformation happen? I have a two-word theory: Tom Peters.

Tom,¬†whose travels make most road warriors look like road wimps, ranted about the chair problem for years. ¬†And his true believers — I proudly number myself among them — cheered urged him on.

Then the crappy chairs began to disappear, the good ones started showing up — and Tom was proven both correct and effective once again.

That’s why I’m excited to see that Tom is¬†offering up Roadwarrior Tips¬†on his site. The¬†first one, though “aimed” mostly at men, is a gem. ¬†Trust me: The rest will be must-reads for anyone lugging a wheelie.

One Response to “Advice from the ultimate road warrior”

  1. Jennifer Chillrud says:

    I had heard of the Aeron chair for a long time on NPR. Sit4Less sponsored a show and got their short commercial. Sit4Less advertised the “Herman Miller Aeron chair. Now in the new color, true black.” After I’d heard this for a while, intrigued – what is this new color “true black?” I went to the Sit4Less website and found the chair, in what looked like the old black to me, for over $500. I’d hate to sit4more. For a while I thought it was all an urban myth. Having seen your post I realized it’s true and must be one great chair.