The recession is horrid. And yet Americans still lead lives of staggering material abundance. That’s a point driven home in this TV clip, which everyone and her brother has sent to me this week. 

5 Responses to “Reality check?”

  1. Helen says:

    Great clip. Who is he?

  2. Mike Sporer says:

    My wife and I loved that video. Great lesson in perspective.

  3. beth says:

    I love this, saw it the other day on facebook.

  4. jeffbrantley says:

    Thanks for sharing… Louis CK really puts things in perspective with a good and funny reminder! I was thinking what will be the “next” big whiny complaint mantra? In 10 years will it be “My Gosh! I waited 10 minutes to fully recharge my car for the week! … and the internet didn’t work.”


  5. Katy says:

    Perfect. I think about these things frequently: like with email. Sometimes we’re mad there isn’t an instant response, when only a few decades ago it took a guy on a horse running at top speed to get mail from point A to point B in what? A week? Several months? Now “snail” mail, which takes a couple of days, max, isn’t good enough: we need to fed-ex it, or fax it, or instant message it.

    What would our great-grandparents think of us? Or, how would we explain this “need for speed” to them? It is truly amazing. No wonder we all need a break.

    Thanks –