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7 Responses to “Sign of the day (and of the times)”

  1. Laura R. says:

    After seeing that post I automatically was reminded of the Great Depression during World War Two. The sign bluntly preveals the ecconomic depression we are currently in, and the demand business’ are being force to met in order to stay running, just like the demands being faced during WWII. I feel like those images illustrated how there is more than one way of taking a sign, body language, directions, ect., and that you always have to be thinking ‘outside of the box’ to figure things out.

  2. Steph P says:

    I agree with Laura, this sign definitely reflects the bad economy. The economic downturn affects everyone in some shape or form. However, the sun always comes out and you can always get something good from the bad. For instance, I read about a family where the main provider lost his job. He, losing his job, and his family were forced to think in a different way. Together they sat down and as a family they thought about what was really important. To release anger, the family got a gym membership. They cut back in food they didn’t necessarily need and modified their diet. Not only that, but the relationship between the two parents became stronger because they relied on each other more to get through the day and for motivation. Sometimes a reality check is what people need to get back to their grounds and get away from being caught up.

  3. Kim B. says:

    This picture caught my attention almost immediately. The recession our nation is in has not only personally affected myself, but thousands of others around me. Although a recession brings difficult times and a drastic increase in unemployment, the previous comments have a point: we need a reality check. Sure, nobody wants an unhealthy economy, but the people who think positively, plan strategically, and grow from it are the strong ones. We can only hope that things get better from here.

  4. Keegan C says:

    When I first came on this site the this picture was the first thing I saw and it got my attention. With the economy the way it is our businesses are suffering as well. Like the saying it can’t get any worse it really can’t so as Americans we need to come together and pull through this time of recession and need. If everyone comes together to support eachother people will forget about the bad economy and start enjoying themselves. Not to mention this picture made me laugh when I first saw it.

  5. nick s says:

    After reading this picture it caught my attenting the most. One it was pretty funny because it says help wanted please my things. Usually it means like need people for help.

  6. Brian A. says:

    First of all, this picture is very funny! I love how from a distance it looks like any sign looking for employees but up close its just trying to get more customers. I read everybody’s comments and I definitely agree with everyone. This picture is definitely a symbol of the recession our nation is in right now and we do need a reality check and we can make it through this. However, I am a little surprised that all of the comments are so negative. I honestly didn’t look at the picture and think wow! The great depression! Our recession is bad! I saw it and thought haha thats funny. Whoever put that sign up has a good sense of humor. He or she clearly has a positive attitude even though the business is in trouble. I like this and I think that is what we really need in this country to make it through the recession.

  7. Kelsey G says:

    I looked at this picture and thought how businesses all around are really having troubles lately since the economy is doing so bad. We really need to do something about this since people are losing their jobs like crazy. Even just local stores are not doing as great because people are not buying as many things from them; people are finding anyway they can to save their money.

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