That President of ours sure can give a good speech. Check out this clip from this commencement address at Arizona State University.

My hunch is that Johnny Bunko wasn’t on the desk of his speechwriters, but Obama nonetheless touches on several Bunko lessons — from “Leave an imprint” to “Make excellent mistakes” to Reader Lesson 7: “Stay hungry.”

3 Responses to “Obama at ASU: great stuff”

  1. Mike Sporer says:

    This is indeed a great speech! Reminds me of Richard St. John’s short TED talk. “And the first thing is passion”.

  2. Justin says:

    Dan, you’ve nailed it again. Despite everything else… he can give a good speech.

  3. Shake says:

    He certainly can talk. Unfortunately he keeps choosing former bankers as regulators – the same bankers that deregulated us into the problems we have now. I have no doubt that a lot of people will stay hungry but it won’t be by choice.

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