Duc Huynh, a designer in Denver, says the recent Ted talk on candles and creativity, reminded him of this graphic depiction of a similar idea, which he created a few years ago. (You’ll need to click on the image to see it in its entirety.)

5 Responses to “(I > E) + (Graphics > Prose)”

  1. Jeremy Brenn says:

    Kudos to Duc! This design makes you feel sorry for all the people out there commuting for hours to jobs they hate only to have a thoughtless boss who is either incentivizing or punishing them.

    Whatever happened to a life-long love of learning?

  2. This is really good. Get him to design a set of e-postcards using themes from Drive. People can then send them to colleagues and friends while also promoting the book.

  3. Marina Ivanenko says:

    well, there seems to be a slight difference, contained in the word “always”, isn’t there?

  4. Jeri says:

    Great idea Jeff Cufaude! Could also use this in a global “spread the Motivational spirit” campaign around the globe similar to the cool “pay it forward” campaign started by the KIND team – see http://www.kinded.com/ Have those “touched by a true motivator” send the motivator a card and mark on the map where/how it happened! (well perhaps ideas needs a bit of refinement, but the postcards are a cool idea!!)

  5. JOE Houde says:

    This is a spectacular graphic. The left side by itself had great punch.