Jason Soll — a sprinter, a TEDster, and a central Ohio homeboy — sends this sign from his dorm at Claremont McKenna College. It’s clever. And by getting us to look twice, the sign might prod us into following its instructions.solldorm.jpg

4 Responses to “Signs that make you look twice — Part 1”

  1. Mike Todd says:

    I’ve got a Flick Off t-shirt and believe me, people look twice.

  2. Paul C says:

    Effective sign that works on several levels.

  3. I recall reading somewhere that the word ‘flick’ was banned in comic books in case the ink bled. When this campaign was launched I wondered if it was adapted from that or if they arrived at it independently.

  4. Emily says:

    The FLICK OFF signs are all over the high school where I taught. They always make me laugh.
    My last name is Antflick. My mother wrote my name in big block letters on my duffel bag and sent me away to a new summer camp in the Berkshires at age 14. Just imagine: the biggest, bad-assest Jersey girl in the cabin walks in, jaw dropped, pointing and shouting “Oh. My. God. Who the F*’s name is ANTF*CK?!?” That was a fun summer.

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