FINAL UPDATE (12/28; 1:30pm, EST): Okay. We’re full — actually, more than full. Thanks for the great response!

In the early evening of December 22, I announced that as a thank-you to the thousands of you who have pre-ordered Drive, I’d be offering a free New Year’s Day teleseminar for 500 people. The response has been terrific — and terrifically gratifying.

The good news is that we actually still have some spots available — about 80 65 40 29 11 or thereabouts, according to the last count.

So if you’re interested, check out this post. (Note: Your Drive receipt is your admission ticket to the seminar, but it doesn’t matter whether you ordered the book months ago or you’re ordering it right now.)

The seminar will be cool. I’ll be revealing the 10 most important publications I’ll be reading in 2010 as well as the 5 mega-trends I’ll be following most closely. This is stuff I haven’t talked about or written about before — and we won’t be recording the seminar or distributing it in any way. It’s my modest way to say thanks for your support — and to help get the year off to an innovative, hopeful start.

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