From Singapore comes something new: Emotionally intelligent drain covers.

To discourage people from littering and to beautify shared space, the Asian city-state is turning its drain covers into small works of art. “On average 14 tonnes of rubbish enter Singapore’s reservoirs daily,” reports Much of it comes from stray bits that people think are harmless but that can actually make their way through the drain into the waterways.

“Through this project, we hope they will think twice before discarding that piece of tissue,” one official told AsiaOne News.

It’s public art with a purpose — and a rather tender form of behavior-shaping from a place better known for more draconian measures.

3 Responses to “Emotionally intelligent drainage”

  1. Richard says:

    Emotionally intelligent drainage, well I would like to offer that there has been some drainage here on Pink. I know you are busy selling your books and I have purchased them and have been a loyal visitor to your blog. However, there has been some intelligent drainage from this blog, infrequent posts, a little lack of luster. I enjoy coming by for a stop once in a while to get inspired and see things that I groove to, but lately the blog has been lackluster.

  2. Steve-O says:

    OUCH! Did someone have a bowl of Cranky-Os for breakfast?

  3. Bob Calder says:

    Drains in Daegu Korea have mats over them as well. Drains are often located in front of shops. Daegu is a very old city and the sewers are very very very old. It keeps some of the whiff out of your store. Also Korean women are nuts for spike heels and it undoubtedly preserves their stability.