The College for Creative Studies, the excellent art and design school in Detroit, has launched one of the smartest ad campaigns I’ve seen this year. The objective: Get students (and parents) to consider a BFA or MFA. The technique: The posters you see below.

17 Responses to “Warning: 1 in 5 teenagers will experiment with art”

  1. Teresa says:

    Don’t down your children about their creativity. I have a 23 year old son who is in college at the moment for graphic designing. Doodling is a way of showing that they belong in their own world. They have a mined of their own and it is that mind, that is directing them into their own society and creativity. Instead of downing them, complement them on their work. By downing them of their creativity, you are discouraging them By complementing them, you are encouraging the. So, encourage them with their creativity and see just where it may take them in their life. Be there for them in their time of need when it comes to their form of artwork. Be respectful of their artwork.

  2. Dangerous Linda says:

    Yay! My heart sings! I have heard that the new MBA is an MFA and I think it might be true …

  3. Joseph Rogers says:

    An interesting way to catch the eye of parents,but i dont think many parents think of art, of any kind as being a good way of making a living.Fine Art is very difficult & Graphic Art not much better. I know, i’ve done both.One thing i’ve noticed is that people who are not artists & have no interest in art tend to beome art experts when the subject of art comes up.

    • Lisa says:

      Dear Joe,
      I have an Industrial Degree in Automotive Design from CCS and in my heyday was making over $100K with perks. I now have a higher calling as an Art Teacher making far less but hoping to show kids and parents that right brain thinking is a necessity!

  4. aidel says:

    I have always told my children “only in art are you truly free.”

  5. Alexis Robin says:

    I feel grateful that my twin’s first grade teacher encourages as much art as possible because it helps them learn more of the other subject. Creativity is what will separate the winning companies and loosing companies in the future.

  6. Nancy Andrews says:

    As a Pre- K – 12 grade art teacher in a public school,
    I am so glad to see the add campaign. Obviously I feel
    visual art and all the art related subjects are so
    vitally important to the development of young minds.
    We need to encourage all the students to enjoy making
    and appreciating art.

  7. How did it happen that art became the “bad” drug/discipline? When business determined education should produce innovative students whose end product would benefit the economy? When business models proposed schools cut the arts, “disrupt class” in order to create a new educational model? When technology espoused that the computer would replace the educator and put the student in charge of their own learning? When project-based learning put creativity in the hands of every educator? There are plenty of jobs in the arts as a result of technology and education needs the arts. A truly innovative education would put the arts at the heart of the program not marginalize it.

  8. Ruth C says:

    Many parents are afraid their child will become or want to become an artist or musician as a career and of course, the numbers there are not good news. The relationship between certain arts and actual practical careers is not shown and understood. Having done this myself, I truly understand the risks. At the same time, I cannot emphasize the role the arts play in providing balance to a person’s life as well as a new way of thinking that opens the mind to many possibilities. Suddenly there are no limits. True innovation will come from this creativity and experimentation and schools and teachers need to show students how to problem solve and think this way. Maybe the next Picasso or Mozart will be discovered, but more likely, students will realize there are no boundaries to discovery in business and science. They will learn to use the tools to create something new. This is a good thing. Schools need to provide professional development and programs to enhance learning through the curriculum and standards that answers the call to creativity. It is not a change in the basic information that is imparted as much as a way to present the material and assess student learning. Everyone is afraid because the line from curriculum and standards to implementation is not as obvious. Kids become and engaged and who knows what the results will be? There is so much press about creativity every day, yet I do not see the schools able to take this information and apply and implement, probably because of money and accountability. Teachers arenā€™t trained this way, and may not understand how to make these connections, but I believe would be happy to teach this way with the needed information. It needs to happen.

  9. Nate says:

    These are AWESOME!

    “All children are born artists. The problem is to stay an artist as you grow up.” – Picasso

  10. no name says:

    Love these, I printed them for my classroom, but you need 1 more to match the number 5!

  11. John says:

    What’s missing is the “Dad, I don’t have a girlfriend because I’m a performance artist” poster

  12. Einar says:

    I’ve tried beating my daughter – – it just doesn’t seem to help.

  13. Sigh, I too tried locking my child in the closet, threatening military school, taking away Barney! He was five, but no, he persisted in acting and I just kept taking him to to those lessons, then plays, then the Beach Blanket Babylon acting awards, then USC Film School, then film festivals where he was honored, and now, sigh, he is acting again in Hollywood–the next Ryan Gosling but better looking. You might see him on the Super Bowl this weekend!

  14. Lisa says:

    I think the message of resilience is the best one for students committing to art. Rejection is frequent and being resilient is the only way. Leading a creative life is probably not a choice but rather a calling.

  15. Wes Addison says:

    I think it’s almost criminal to promote a career in the arts. The field is saturated, and they are encouraging kids to run up big tabs at art schools, in a filed where 90% will never make a living. Most people are not aware that student loans CANNOT be cleared by a bankruptcy… it’s quite a racket the schools run.

    If you want what’s bets for kids, encourage them to pursue a career where they can make a good living. Our country and the world desperately need scientists.

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