Our mail bag of emotionally intelligent signage this month shows the many ways businesses are deploying signs to influence people’s choices. Here are two examples that take very different approaches.

In Norway, Coca-Cola used the two ways to exit a subway station to demonstrate the differences between two drinks it was promoting at local McDonald’s restaurants. Drink regular Coke — and you can take the stairs to burn off some of the calories you’ve consumed. Drink Coca-Cola Light — and you can ride the escalators guilt-free:

Meanwhile, Paul Copcutt spotted these adjoining signs in southern Ontario, in which dueling real estate agents try to persuade prospective buyers which telephone number to call:





7 Responses to “2 signs to help you make a choice”

  1. Mike Brice says:

    I wouldn’t call either one of them with that type of negative messaging.

  2. James Lytle says:

    I’m more likely to laugh than been offended by the competitive jargon, though, I’m more likely to call either of them if they’d spend some quality time with a weed-wacker.

  3. Rika Alvo says:

    Looks more like cross-promotion to me. The instinct is to follow the arrow, so of course you then see the other guy’s sign. Are we sure that they’re not working together? Smart.

  4. Doug says:

    And there’s a sudden drop in sales for regular Coke …

  5. Cliff Roth says:

    I like how plants are obscuring both real estate agents numbers….

  6. Chrisso says:

    That Norwegian staircase/escalator looks an awful lot like the one in this campaign that I think VW were involved in.
    It was all about making people to the “right” thing by making it fun.
    It was called “the fun theory” and they made the stairs into a giant piano keyboard.
    There is a whole bunch of other videos on youtube and a website (www.thefuntheory.com I think…)with some other similar things that got tried.
    I think I could pretty much guess which one had the most effect on using the stairs though!

  7. The James says:

    I can vouch for the craziness of the Canadian realtors. Canadians are insane people and it takes one to know one.

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