Heath BrothersOffice Hours — our super-cool, call-in, radio-ish program — has been on hiatus for a few months. But we’re coming back with a great show to kick off our 2013 season.

On Friday April 12, 2013 at 2:30pm EDT, I’ll be talking with Chip Heath and Dan Heath, authors of blockbuster books, Made to Stick, Switch, and their newest bestseller, Decisive, which is all about how to make better decisions. You can listen live — and ask the Heath brothers anything you want — by dialing this number (206-402-0100) and entering this passcode (203373#).

If you’re new to the Pink Blog and don’t know what Office Hours is, here’s a quick reminder: About once a month, I’ve been opening the phone lines and a special guest and I take your questions about work, business, technology, personal productivity, and anything else you want to discuss. Think of it as “Car Talk” . . . for the human engine. The program is free of charge and free of advertising. You can find more information on the Office Hours page and download previous episodes on iTunes. (This episode, too, will be posted on iTunes next week.)

The deets:
Office Hours with Chip Heath and Dan Heath
April 12, 2:30pm EDT
Phone number: 206-402-0100
Passcode: 203373

4 Responses to “Office Hours is back — and it’s sticky!”

  1. John A Robb says:

    I read Drive and Swtitch at roughly the same time. It was a powerful combination. I wonder of reading To sell and Human and Decisive will have the same kind of amplified impact.

    I hope the session is recorded. I might not be able to get on the call.

  2. Dan, You might want to change your wording a little bit. I was puzzled at first when I clicked on your link from Twitter and it apeared that you were advertising someone else’s radio show (not that you wouldn’t ever do that). It took too much effort to figure out that you are the moderator and the young men in the picture are the guests. You might want to say “Dan Pink’s Office Hours Show” or some such.

  3. Derek says:

    I had the pleasure of having Dan Heath on my podcast, but I’ll be tuning in for this because I haven’t yet heard Chip share some of his ideas.

    I will also say that Decisive was a fantastic book. What’s weird is, as people, we all make tough decisions everyday, but until now, nobody ever created a framework for making those decisions. So thanks and I look forward to tuning in!

  4. Sudhir says:

    I am sure this is going to be awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Dan Heath as well, Derek.

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