1. No ink smudges on the page, your clothes, or your hands.

2. It’s much easier to draw with a pencil than with a pen — and much of my note-taking involves drawing things along with writing words.

3. Unlike much of what we do in life, pencil marks are erasable.

4. I like the feel of graphite scraping against the paper. An idiosyncrasy perhaps, but I’m not alone.

5. Sharpening a pencil forces you to take pauses – and pauses are essential to productivity and creativity.


116 Responses to “Pinkcast 1.5: Why you should use a pencil — this pencil”

  1. Walter Akana says:

    Well, Dan, I don’t use pencils or pens. But if I used a pencil, this is definitely the one I’d use!

    • Dan
      Have you run out of topics to discuss…..a pencil……really????
      I have read your books,etc, but let’s find a more meaningful topic.

      • Nick says:

        Dennis — I completely agree. We can only hope Dan is getting paid an affiliate commission for his pencil-pushing efforts.

      • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

        C’mon, guys. Give me a little credit. I’m not getting a penny — not even free pencils — from any of this. Just responding to some data from a reader survey saying that people wanted recommendations for work tools.

      • Nick says:

        Dan — My favorite Pinkcast is the one you did on how to make better decisions. I consider that a mental work tool I can carry with me everywhere. I only commented because I couldn’t resist the “pencil-pusher” joke 🙂 — I know you’ve got better material. Looking forward to your next Pinkcast.

        P.S. Henry Ford had some interesting advice on surveys: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Food for thought. Have a great day!

      • Wayne says:

        The Henry Ford “quote” wasn’t actually created by HF. If you have a pencil with an eraser…
        But hey, it doesn’t really matter, does it? Find the wisdom by reading between the lines. Which is the point of this podcast. My journals also include sketches with words.

  2. Lisa Reinhart says:

    Fantastic video, Dan! And there’s nothing like applauding the tools that get us through the day, at the end of the day.

    Thank you for making me a CW Pencil fan a year ago. Excellent recommendation for those of us tactile types.

  3. Jason says:

    not the best Pinkcast……

  4. Thanks Dan! Informative and hilarious!

  5. Peter says:

    I was a little bit surprised by the choice of the content. This seems to be just an advertisement for Faber Castell.

    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      Fair point, Peter. Just to be clear, though, I get nothing — zero, nada, zilch — from
      Faber or CW (or anyone else, for that matter).

      • Sebastian says:

        Nevertheless, next Pinkcast should definitely be about your favorite boxers. Would like to know though why you use a pencil instead of a pen or even why you don’t work paperless.

      • Ariel says:

        Well, I have to agree with Peter…..and I felt lack of content here.
        Anyway I’ll wait for the next one.

      • Julia Pickar says:

        In defense of Dan. If a tool or process is helpful to someone–even just putting them in the mindset of doing beautiful work, why not share it? I haven’t tried the pencil, but when I open my leather-bound notebook, filled with crisp, white, empty pages, I get kinda excited! Dan, I’m intrigued with your pencil. Rock on.

    • Greg R says:

      I agree. Just an ad, albeit with a little humor thrown in.

      Dan — you’re wasting a lot of people’s time here. You didn’t even try to explain why you’re a pencil guy, how it will improve our productivity, make us more willing to make mistakes, save the environment or whatever. Or why it’s better than a lead pencil. I am a pencil guy, too, but I only use replaceable lead pencils (no sharpening needed!).

      Your books and other Pinkcasts were so good, I’ve come to expect more. Another one like this and I may have to unsubscribe. You can do better.

  6. Sandra Kulli says:

    Jumbo pencils seem to resonate with Reclaiming Conversation (Sherry Turkle) and our need for things that are low tech…and powerful. You never cease to amaze.

    Thank you, Dan!!

    PS Thanks also for the pencil history.

  7. Laura Naughton says:

    Love your podcast — Pencils are Good!! I’ll have to check out the store. Thanks ?

  8. Sharon says:

    I love pencils only because I can erase with them. But there’s no eraser on that one!

  9. Jim Knight says:

    Right pencil company. Right store. But I myself prefer the harder to find Faber Castell sv 1112 1=2B version. I also have to give a shout out to the Faber Castell Perfect Pencil, which is by far the best traveling pencil I’ve found. On these little talks you keep talking about stuff that has become central to my work life. Carrying on the pattern, your next talk should be on what music to listen to while you write–I propose Mile Davis Kind of Blue and Emmanuel Ax’s Haydn Piano Sonatas # 29, 31, 34, 35, 49–but that’s just me.

  10. Matthew says:

    I don’t use pencils, but that video was great. Please, please, please keep the Pinkcasts coming!

  11. Janet McEwen says:

    ok – you convinced me! I ordered the pencils, a great book for kids, and a sharpener. Pencils: the tool for creativity.

  12. Howard says:

    Come on now Dan, you know that us pencil aficionados were expecting some reasoning and rationale, neat tricks and tips to extend our defense of pencildom. For me, my go to tool is a 0.5mm #2 mechanical with a nice clean eraser, lightweight with a firm grip and an air of elegance. This is my go to because of its portability, finesse, ability to make extremely distinct lines, curves and turns thus facilitating precision writing, drawing, scribbling and doodling. The eraser is an important component of this tool, near at hand to cleanly capture changes of thoughts and refining of ideas in ways that a strikethough cannot. The one thing I still struggle with, is the darned holes it keeps making in my pockets.

    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      I despise (seriously) mechanical pencils. The lead always, always breaks.

      • Greg R says:

        Hard lead breaks, like the #2 standard = HB, but try a softer lead, like 2B (my favorite) in 0.5mm. It makes a nice dark line without much pressure and never breaks on me.

  13. Don Maruska says:

    This has some interest just because it is off beat, but it pales in comparison to the value of the rubber ducky or the 2×2 parenting matrix.

  14. Greg says:

    For the first time something you produced has not changed my life.
    Pencils just don’t compete with ideas such as autonomy, mastery and purpose.

  15. Hi Dan,

    What I want to know is this: WHAT in the world are you using a pencil for every day?

    Thanks, Wendy

    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      Everything. Lists, notes, book underlines.

      • Mike Skocko says:

        Book underlines?! And then I got it. My bookshelves are packed but the last treeBook I read was a gift from the daughter a few years ago (Gaiman’s Stardust). Actually touched a word looking for the definition to pop up. D’oh!

        Love that you let your inner nerd have a go. Obsessions are the spice of creative life!

      • Trish says:

        That’s really shrdew! Good to see the logic set out so well.

  16. Joe says:

    I’ve been a loyal Pink fan for years. Can’t let you get away with that episode unchecked. I’m sorry to say, but that was subpar. There was very little reason why that pencil is superior, and no explanation why you were a pencil guy over a pen guy. Seemed rushed because you’ve been away perhaps. I hope you take this criticism kindly as I’ve raved on previous productions. This one just didn’t get deep enough to be useful. Thanks for all that you do.

  17. I always enjoy my day more when I get to the point and I write.
    The different tools do alter my writing experience in different ways.
    My point is when I use the right tools in the right way I discover my pencil is a mainstay.
    I’ve been test driving different models of late and your current Pink Cast hits me right where I live.

  18. Peter Osborne says:

    Why THIS pencil? Is it just the size — which I totally get because I prefer large-grip pens — or is there something behind preferring a pencil to a pen?

  19. Rick says:

    Serious question as I have used Ticonderoga #2s for so long, how do these compare?

  20. Frank Ramirez says:

    I purchased “Thinking with a Pencil” around 30 years ago. Indispensable. It’s time to use the right pencil. Thanks for the heads up.

  21. Tom Schneider says:

    I use pencils and I recognize that they are not going away because they fill a technological niche that pens, typewriters (what’s that?) and computers don’t. But why do YOU use pencils? (PS: the link the sharpener is broken, “404 Not found”.)

  22. Marjorie says:

    You give us Mastery tools and now a working tool to keep thoughts coming to write down And erase our ideas as we go as the process continues to evolved until we add a period for done lol!

    We need it all or at least know what’s out there at our disposal to pursue our excellants. Good product for sure!
    Thank you!

  23. Carol Oman says:

    I’ll have to try this pencil now! I have a set of Faber-Castell watercolor pencils that I really enjoy, and I use the same sharpener that you recommend. I once lived in Stein, Germany — just a 10-minute walk from the Faber-Castell castle. They give tours of the castle and museum, so if you’re ever near Nuremberg, check it out.

  24. Jim Knight says:

    What I think is implicit here, is that a pencil leads to, as Garr Reynolds would say, analogue rather than digital thinking. Most work has to be done on the computer eventually, but a pencil is, for me at least, best for brainstorming, mind mapping, underlining and list making. Once you’ve used your pencil to create the maps and lists, then you turn to your computer, so to me a pencil is a power tool for creativity and a worthy topic for these Pinkcasts. OK, I’m done now. My Pomodoro timer says I have to get back to work :).

  25. Teresa says:

    Is that what we get? A commercial?

  26. Seth Kahan says:

    So you told us that you use this pencil and that you like it and it’s your go-to tool and you love it you love it you love it, but you didn’t tell us WHY we should use a pencil. It was the WHY in your title that brought me here. But, I didn’t get any satisfaction. I don’t use a pencil. You didn’t give us a reason to use one, unless it’s because you love it you love it you love it. So, Dan, why should I use a pencil?

  27. I have to agree with some others, Dan. This one left me wanting! I’m definitely not a pencil girl (nothing beats a fine tip gel pen), but I’m open to new perspectives! Like the others, I want to know WHY you’re a pencil guy, and then given that, why the Faber-Castell is the superior choice. While I don’t think I could be persuaded to change, you never know. With your sales ABCs, I just might be swayed by the right pitch. 🙂

  28. Dan, I’m one of your biggest fans. I’ve read all your books and I recommend you often to my friends seeking life-long learning. IMHO, this is the first time you left an open loop in your narrative. I get the rest – short video for our ADD world, one powerful concept, specific recommendations (which I appreciate for convenience), but the to me, the value of the pencil is all about the why? We’re all aware of society norms, social pressure, digital natives, new communication channels, essentialism, etc. – by why a pencil vs. X? To me, that’s the lesson. Thanks for all your great thinking! Note, I refer to your book on my Web site in the section called “My Worldview.”

  29. Jane says:

    Curious about your cure for (1) too-quick to blunt pencil tips, outside your office where a cupful of sharp tips are not available, and (2) pencil marks when carried around in pockets, bags, folders, etc. These two problems keep me going back to mechanical pencils.

  30. Omid says:

    A bit confusing!
    I don’t get it. What is your message here?

  31. Roberto says:

    Nice Ad! Product placement, content marketing and review all rolled into one. Not looking forward to the next one. Ha!

    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      Ha! This ought to go without saying — but I obviously received nothing at all (from any company or any person in any way) for this video. I did it in response to a reader survey that suggested people wanted tool recommendations.

  32. Lisa Culhane says:

    Total old school pencil snob. Thanks for sharing your recommendation.

  33. Sarah says:

    C’mon people. Does Dan have to explain and rationalise EVERYTHING for us? Why do you think Dan uses pencils over pens or keyboards – or any other scribbly/scribe tool? Personally, Pencils and erasers great for ideation – you can rub stuff out! There’s an impermanence that goes hand in hand with divergent thinking, conceptualising, making stuff up, experimenting, goofing around and generally expansive thinking. You can doodle. Lead has shades and textures that ink just doesn’t. Today I created a bunch of concepts – you guessed it, all in pencil. I moved things around, rubbed stuff out, used feint and heavy lines – for inference or emphasis as required. Surely Dan did not have to explain this and that for a man whose mind moves as fast as his this is the ONLY tool that does it justice. Maybe Dan has another/other reasons for his love of pencils – who knows. My advice? Embrace the ambiguity people. Thanks 🙂

  34. Linda Brainerd says:

    Dear Dan, To convince us, we need the “what” the “why” and the “how.” Please don’t rely on your (charming) personality to fill in the gaps. Each Pinkcast should answer those three questions.

  35. Hey Dan, This is also my favorite pencil. 🙂 There’s just something special about this fat pencil with its grips. And the softness of a pencil seems to me to be the appropriate instrument for capturing the musings of my mind and heart.

  36. Ashish Gupta says:

    i have been using pencil for years ( others cant understand why ). and always see that they are colourful and different. 1. for me to reclaim if I lose them 2. to remind me the difference I can bring to the world.

  37. To paraphrase the Marx Brothers, “Why a pencil, Why no a pen?
    Hammer: Here is a little peninsula, and, eh, here is a viaduct leading over to the mainland…

    Chico: Alright! Why a duck? Why that…why a duck? Why a no chicken?

  38. Warwick Absolon says:

    Dan – these snippets of Pinkdom are a breath of fresh air. I am sure you do rehearse but the way you deliver them, it is so authentic. The out of focus shots coupled with the passion makes me anticipate the next episode. What other plans/ideas do you have in store with these?

  39. Hi Dan,
    I agree with other viewers: this was the least inspiring pinkast so far. I like pencils too, but I’d expect you to explain why you prefer pencils over pens or tablets/laptops – like you did when you spoke about writing vs typing.
    For what it’s worth, here is why I like pencils: I love to draw doodles and to use shades when I take notes. I like to be able to change the thickness of my notes. I like to hold something that feels closer to nature than a plastic pen.
    I still look forward to your next pinkast!
    Ciao from Italy.

  40. Thom Gibson says:

    I’m a Ticonderoga guy when it comes to pencils and a 7mm Pilot G2 Pen when it comes to pens. Was expecting some psychology on benefits of pencils over pens or something like that. Have you considered putting your Pinkcasts on YouTube?

  41. Laura Rush says:

    I appreciate your enthusiasm but this was not helpful or interesting, and not a good use of my time. It’s so different from your other Pinkcasts and frankly, a letdown.

  42. Mary aka Imagranny Diles says:

    Dan I’m a huge fan of all that is you. This is my first comment and I’m getting mesmerized by the pink emanating from my key board. Amazing and calming. I’m sure you know the power of pink?! Back to my point: I typically don’t use pencils so I was looking forward to WHY you use one at all. You told us the what and where and how about this amazing pencil but not the why. I remain one of your biggest fans but wanting more from that pink brain of yours. I want to get on the pink train but WHY PINKMAN WHY?

    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      Mary — Check out new short write-up I just added below the video itself. Thanks for the comment.

  43. Sorry dan,
    But this one SUCKED. Thin ball point for me.

    And please skip the commercial pitches.


  44. Peach says:

    Hey, I can order the pencils but I don’t see the sharpener on the CW website??? BTW, LOVE pencils!

  45. Dan,

    I too believe in the power of pencils. Mistakes, erased. Lines, bold or light you decide. But might I suggest an additional option. The Pentel Twist Erase .7MM. But here’s the catch. trash the HB leads (comparable to a #2 pencil) that come with it and immediately refill it with 2B leads. Now you have the perfect pencil, the 2B lead is softer, very smooth to write with and ideal for bolder lines. It has a rubber grip thingie and the twist out eraser is 3″ long. Its the Honda Accord of pencils, reliable and rarely needs maintenance.


  46. Jack Quarles says:

    Dan, this was good, but now I’m dying to know WHY you love to use pencils (and why I might consider using pencils more). I’m a pen guy… right down to the WSJ Crossword… but I’m willing to change.

  47. Craig Darsow says:

    Well, Dan, shame on you for ending a Pinkcast on an unresolved minor cord! In other words, A for effort, D for content. That was your most disappointing Pinkcast yet, and I have loved all the rest so far. The missing link? You needed to tell me why a pencil is so great compared to pen or electronic device. Surely there are compelling reasons in YOUR head. I wish they were now in MY head too. I am craving, salivating, and panting for that insight. After sharing those critical insights, you could then throw in the reference to your favorite pencil in the last 5 seconds and point to a link below for details. But keep up the (almost always) great work of Pinkcasts!

  48. David Hansen says:

    Hi Dan!

    Tough crowd out there! Anyway a bit worried because clicked through on the sharpener for your super pencil and FC does not appear to have it nor your pencil lady…. Could be tough on that bad boy without the appropriate sharpener.

    Thanks for opening a window on an interesting little world!


    • Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

      Thanks, David. I was surprised by the level of vitriol. But based on the email feedback and the number of clickthroughs, it’s a pretty small number of people. And at least they care!

      Here’s the link for that pencil: http://cwpencils.com/products/grip-2001-jumbo-pencil

      On the sharpener, just stick the name into a search engine and you’ll find vendors.

  49. Peter says:

    Dan, can you add some links to this pinkcast to demonstrate why pencil and paper note taking is a bonus? I was a pretty decorative note taker in my college days and used pen/pencil and paper, but have moved to laptop/table note taking. I don’t notice much of change in the results…

  50. Ed Lawrence says:

    I agree, surprised at the negativity….I carry a moleskin journal to write my daily tasks, notes, etc., as a matter of fact, on the left side under the date, I’ve changed from Critical Now to Most Important Task! Anyway, I carry a Scripto (commercial) mechanical pencil because it’s always sharp. That said, in the spirit of trying new things, I’m going to get me a Faber-Castell. If you think about it, the clearest path to getting a good idea from brain to paper is understanding the freedom to edit and revise. Not that easy with a pen; there’s a certain permanence. Enjoy your Pinkcasts; keep ’em coming!

  51. Teddy says:

    I am missing the point…why was this a post? Dan, this seems out of place compared to the general theme of why people follow your blog…My 2 cents.

  52. Elaine Fogel says:

    Boy, what a tough crowd, Dan!
    Here’s some proof for writing versus typing:

    “Students who took handwritten notes generally outperformed students who typed their notes via computer, researchers at Princeton University and the University of California at Los Angeles found.” (WSJ)

    “One of the most effective ways to study and retain new information is to rewrite your notes by hand. That’s because putting ink [or pencil] to paper stimulates a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System, or the RAS.” (Mental Floss)

    BTW, I use a Pentel Energize mechanical pencil every day. In my experience, the leads don’t break. 🙂

    • Patty Sundberg says:

      Thanks, Elaine! I was going to point out the research on the writing vs. typing issue. I’m someone who will sit and watch long videos on the advantages/disadvantages of particular brands of fountain pens (my tool of choice). The pencil subject did seem a little weird to me at first, but look at all of the comments it garnered! If you don’t have 85 seconds in your day to watch Dan talk about his favorite tool, I think maybe a little vacation is in order. I’ll keep watching! Thanks for the tip.

      BTW, I’m no relation to Eric Sundberg, above… that I know of, anyway. There aren’t that many of us.

      • Elaine Fogel says:

        Good point about needing a vacation, Patty! 🙂 A fountain pen, eh? I still have the bump on my third finger from the cartridge pen I used throughout my elementary school years!

  53. Mike says:

    What if you’re completely digital and don’t use a pen or a pencil? Missing the ah ha moment in this pinkcast. Now MIT – there’s a Pinkcast…

  54. Rose says:

    Seriously folks… follow the blog at CW Pencils and you’ll rethink your use (or lack of) of the pencil. Pencils rule and I am one who truly misses the POTM club.

  55. I’d like to offer some unsolicited support for Dan with this open letter to anyone who didn’t like the pencil video:

    C’mon, guys, relax.

    I may be wrong about this, but when I signed up to beta-test the Pinkcast, it seemed like the comments section was a good place to give the feedback Dan was requesting as a way to determine whether there was enough interest in the format to warrant his taking the time to put it out there. Now that Pinkcast is a “thing,” maybe it would be okay to not post snarky, hastily composed “feedback” that is misplaced anger/frustration masquerading as constructive criticism.

    This stuff is free, folks. It costs NOTHING; not even a marginal investment of time. Most people spent more time composing and posting a response than it took to actually watch the thing.

    At the very least, I’m always entertained and get a nice little boost of energy from Dan’s enthusiasm for whatever idea he’s putting out there – whether it’s as life-changing as practicing mindfulness in everyday life or as life-hacky as how not to get sick on airplanes. Or what he thinks about note pads and pencils. I appreciate all of it.

    I’ve bought Daniel Pink books, sure. I’ve also read a lot of them for free thanks to my library, and I’ve gotten hour after hour of no-cost insights and entertainment from watching his business presentations, TED talks, and commencement speeches on YouTube. He’s pointed me to literally dozens of other authors and books and helpful things to buy and has been a portal to a thousand interesting ideas that have resonated with me. So maybe I’ve spent $40 on Pink-related materials. In return I have received copious dividends – insights that have literally changed my life.

    If you have received even a fraction of useful and/or entertaining insights from these videos – or anything else Dan puts out there for free for us to use or not use as we like – then maybe in return you can say thanks or at the very least click elsewhere without saying anything at all. I’ve seen way too many online content providers shut everything down because a few trolls annihilated the spirit of the conversation. Please let’s not let that happen. This is a good place. These are nice thoughts.

    Oh, and Dan … Thank you.

    For everything.


    Jeff Davis

  56. Andy says:

    I excitedly watched this hoping I would see reasons why to use a pencil again but I didn’t find any to convince me, even the ones you listed though they were thoughtful. I used to be a pencil person but then they got rid of sharpeners at work so I switched to pen years ago. It’s almost like a religion or which text editor to use. You’re not going to convince folks unless it’s a life changer. As far as low tech, I think I’m pretty low tech using a pen for my programming and data designs.

    One thing I recently changed to (okay, 2 years ago), are 3 by 5 cards to put down ideas on various topics – even use them for program design (though I use a pen to write on them obviously). Advantage is that they are cheap (50 cents for 100 and I get blank ones not lined), you can scrap a 3×5 card quickly and rewrite it, you can use it to show iPhone input screens, put together lists of things for a specific topic and so on. I also use them as script notes when doing video presentations.

    I enjoy your Pinkcasts because they give food for thought and obviously, seeing all the comments, whether good nor bad, others have thought about this too! Please don’t stop because of negative criticism!

  57. Tyler says:

    Don’t let the graphite haters get you down! haha
    If anything I enjoyed having a 90 second pause to think about pencils, which leads to a deeper pause of just plain challenging the status quo.
    In this situation, pens.
    In a broader scope…I am now wishing I had a pencil to sketch and write all of the new things I could be rethinking.


  58. Steve says:


    I think if people saw your beta-test Pinkcasts (number 3 I believe) this video would make more sense as to why you prefer pencils. That beta-test Pinkcast answers a lot of questions that have been posted in this thread. This official Pinkcast 1.5 seems to piggy back off of that one, and I can see why newcomers who have only seen the official Pinkcasts may feel that your most recent post lacks context.

    For a future addition I would be curious to see what the research says about the retention rate for a physical book versus an e-book reader.


  59. William says:

    Best pencil in the world? Mirado Black Warrior HB2. No better tool for marking music scores. Erasers never crumble and, since we all make mistakes, the lead erases easily off the page as needed.

  60. JScott says:

    I got a better laugh from the harsh feedback of those with their man-panties all bunched up as if you were Moses sent here to deliver Pinkdom every 2 weeks as we wait here with baited breath. Alas, feedback wouldn’t be without +/-, but please people’s take a step back, a deep breath and allow some space between the leaves for gosh sakes. 5 good reasons to use his fav pencil period. guilty of not contrasting it v. the pen, sure. Let’s see you wax poetically in 85 seconds….GO!

  61. David Robinson says:

    I completed the survey and I am interested in the tools used daily even the mighty pencil. I thought this was a light hearted, but still an enjoyable episode. I still use pencils (not as often as I used to), but as an avid mind mapper I use coloured pencils and in my work bag I have the Staedtler Triplus fineliner pen 10 colour pack which is great for markups and note taking to keep the brain stimulated with colour.

    Keep up the great work Dan and looking forward to the next Pinkcast.

  62. Bev says:

    Wow, I tried to warn you the first time – this topic definitely touches a nerve. I think it’s hilarious but definitely more emotion than most of us can deal with in 85 seconds. Keep smiling Dan and thanks for all you do!

    p.s. I do like those grippy dots. 🙂

  63. Sarra says:

    Why so serious guys. Who would have thought a wee homage to a pencil could stir such strong feeling. The aged pencil on my desk shall get an outing today though I fear not for long.

  64. Mark says:

    Excellent advice. Mind you I am a mechanical pencil freak and if you get the right one the lead doesn’t break. Plus no sharpening (which can lead to lead breakage and lead-falling-out-of-pencilage also).

  65. Absolutely not a waste of my 85 seconds. You have done a great job honing these Pinkcasts and there’s no harm in enjoying a lighter moment in the summer.

  66. Hey Dan,

    Palomino Blackwing pencils are also super awesome! The sharpener has two stages – one for the wood, the second one for the graphite. A replaceable rectangular eraser that allows you to fine tune your clean up… The graphite is also very refined – none of the grit that ends up in cheapo pencils – so you don’t end up scratching the paper randomly.

    You can workshop sketches and paragraphs and re-shape your images and words till they come into focus. You can also use an eraser shield to notch out very specific marks.

    People don’t realize what an amazing thinking tool a pencil can be. So thanks for your rave on your favorite pencil!

    • Connie Chang says:

      I was just about to add my two cents about how I was once a super fan of Faber-Cassell Jumbo Grip pencils until I got hold of a Palomino Blackwing 602 pencil when I read Richard’s comment. So, thank you Richard.

      Last year at our local bookstore (Politics & Prose here in DC), my daughter and I happened upon the table where the Palomino Blackwing pencils were showcased. We purchased one to try and then came back a few days later to grab a box. These pencils are truly beautiful and a joy to write with. I use them to write in my journal, to sketch, and to work on Washington Post crosswords. Dan, you may want to give it a try. I love stories and here’s theirs: http://palominobrands.com/blackwing-pencil-story/.

      And, for pen lovers, my favorite is Paper Mate’s Ink Joy 300 0.7F, blue ink. Hands down, great to write with.

      I enjoyed the Pinkcast. Why? Because I enjoy Dan’s books and by extension I like him so it’s nice to know what writing tools Dan uses, the writing habits he’s adopted, ideas that resonate with him, and what his favorite desk chair might be. I can afford two minutes (after I get my Most Important Task completed!) to learn about his work habits, quirky or not, interesting or not, on message or not. So, thank you Dan!

      ~~ Connie

  67. Joan Eisenstodt says:

    Wait, you don’t own Smart Smencils?? Peppermint scented pencils? They are made of recycled newspaper and the scent helps one stay awake, learn more, and I use them for training gifts esp. in the afternoons. If I only had your address, I’d send you a bunch. (Maybe JC will send it.)

  68. Lev Karasin says:

    I love your pinkcast. Always very thoughtful content. Today a bit surprised about the content, and I read through some comments I am not here to tell you what to put out there or ask you the reasons why you put out the content that you do. However, I can’t wait until your next pinkcast, keep creating Dan you are amazing!

  69. Rita says:

    If you’ve waded through all of the above comments, you might wonder if there is anything more to say.

    Well, there always is.

    And that’s the way you get addicted to Pinkcasts — those little jolts that turn your head a little sideways. Not only the content but also the comments!

    Creativity is found diving into “now”, not always stretching for “next.” Thanks, Dan, for a moment of your “now.”

  70. C Reavis says:

    I laughed out loud reading a few of these comments, especially the first few. It encouraged my already burning curiosity that I believe will make for a great book and something that blows my marketing mind. How jaded & skeptical our society has become. This is a perfect example of how the entire landscape of promotions and marketing has changed, because so many people believe there is something going on behind the curtain. I do agree this was not my favorite pinkcast, but was able to take something away – Thank You!

  71. Hmmmm…I don’t recall seeing this much flack for you highlighting books, Daniel. Was there an outcry of ‘tied-house’ to those books?
    Yes, I agree a clearer point (pun intended ) to the pencil PinkCast would make it better. We’re all in Continuous Improvement and I appreciate your acceptance of the feedback & wish for all those who criticized to realize you’re Daniel, not a bought man.
    With mutual pencil affinity,

  72. Anthony Hanos says:

    As a mathematics teacher, I understand the importance of a pencil.

    I’m kind of shocked by the anger incited by a post on pencils. I guess my students aren’t the only ones that don’t share my love for a well sharpened pencil.

  73. Dave Zovak says:

    I appreciate the value of handwriting notes (in some situations), but I love having a digital copy of any notes I take. I know notes written in pen scan pretty clearly.

    How about pencil? Is the contrast of the graphite on paper strong enough to make clear scans? Is it clear enough for Evernote (and other handwriting recognition tools) to read?

    Any real life testimonies would be appreciated.


  74. Carolyn Stephens says:

    I just came back to this post to confirm the brand & model # of the product. Astonished at all the brouhaha over a simple post about a useful product. Every post doesn’t have to be about world peace!
    I’m starting a new blog about olding. Disappointed that the F-C product description is all about kids. This is the perfect pencil for older hands as well as younger ones.

  75. Taha says:

    I think the content is ok and if I need a pencil I will follow up your recommendation. However there are 2 problems. First one is I dont need a pencil and I didnt learn why I need from this cast. The second one is the title of cast is why I need a pencil? I think this title makes me angry after watching the cast and realizing that this is an ad.

    Like you Dan and will continue to follow up you however do this differently next time.

  76. Katie says:

    Daniel, very much appreciate hearing your recommendation! I’m a middle school teacher, and I tend to use so many different pens when giving feedback. So I’ve found many favorites in that realm. But I do prefer pencil when it comes to annotating professional books and other nonfiction texts. Grateful to hear a suggestion from a pencil aficionado. Keep up the great Pinkcasts!

  77. Tom LaForce says:

    I think I learned something here. When you have an audience who cares about what you say, you better say something they find meaningful or else risk their wrath. For what’s it’s worth, before boarding a flight I still stick Bacitracin up my nose on your recommendation.

  78. michael says:

    I don’t understand people who post comments saying this video or that video isn’t helpful. Nobody is making any of us watch.

  79. Thanks for simple tip. As a teacher and technology educator, I have to agree with you about pencils and I recommend them to my students. Yes, they grown at first and say “why?” when they can use the computer. However, from my experience and observation, the kids really get more accomplished and generally seem more creative since the since they get to doodle too.

  80. Kenneth says:

    Thanks for this video! I’m also a pencil “guy.” Those folks who criticize you for this video probably haven’t used pencils at all. I do all my first draft using my pencils. I use fountain pens to sign and write on things that require permanent ink. Ball point pens and roller balls are the worst inventions that were ever made . . .

  81. Thank you for information

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