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17 Responses to “Pinkcast 2.3: The power of an “emotional first aid kit””

  1. Thank you Dan and Bonnie for this simple practical advice – great stuff!

  2. Dan this is a good one. I usually have an evernote app which contains my mission, goals, what I should do every day and I do look at it when I am having an off day. It is a wonderful practice to keep your spirits high.

  3. Dave Chwalik says:

    Many of us are on auto-pilot throughout our lives. Bonnie’s practical advice offers a way to reset with perspective. Thanks Dan for hosting another thought leader that enhances day-to-day living with purpose.

  4. Sarah Gage says:

    I love this idea. I’m the kind of person who always has aspirin, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, energy bar, etc. in my purse. An emotional first aid kit will be a great addition to my preparedness. I do have a “Nice Things” file in my work email, where I store “atta girl” messages, thank yous, and other appreciations. When I am having a stinker of a day, it really helps to scroll through those old messages and see that I have been appreciated at times.

  5. Love this! I personally use a modified version of flying stars fengshui, using items that have meaning for me (the thought leadership is from Asia but this is about energy and not about their items; it is about mindfulness IMHO). Yes, I also have a wall of drawings and a drawer of cards for the tougher first aid needs.

  6. Dan, as usual, you are full of new ideas and great suggestions. Thank you to Bonnie for sharing your wisdom. Sometimes the simple things can do amazing things for our psyche.

  7. Tazi Chibi Mohamed says:

    Thanks Dan & Bonnie. I’ll definitely try it. What’s make it original is the fact to hide it and use it only if needed… just like a regular aid kit. Souds poweful. Thanks again.

  8. Tina says:

    What a great and ‘easy to do’ (Jeff Olson – The Slight Edge) idea!
    First Attitude Kit
    thank you

  9. Lori Broughton says:

    Excellent! I have had a “feel good” folder for years with notes that I could pull and rummage through when I found myself questioning my purpose! Love the idea of including pictures and also the use of a smart phone!

  10. Eileen Marshall says:

    Another good one! I always take away something useful from the Pinkcast. Thanks for staying with it!

  11. Jane Pettinger says:

    Great idea! I especially like the team approach. None of us get through even a day by ourselves.

  12. Tony Mayo says: How about accepting that humans sometimes feel “crappy” or “down” or other unwelcome emotions? Maybe make it a moment to mull the message my mood is sending to my mind? Not wallowing or whining; nothing added or pushed away. Just accepting and experiencing, even exploring, the emotion we made, the direct experience of being a particular, living human. How about doing that now and then, instead of chasing amulets and icons to plaster over our genuine selves? Just now and then.

  13. Linda Roussel says:

    Great advice . . . “comfort box” . . . putting those items, reminders of someone valuing your input, feedback, help can be reassuring, and reinforcing to “go on.” Also, “memories” can also be useful in remembering to be grateful.

  14. Karen says:

    This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing. I have something a little bit similar. I call it my “Brag File.” I teach 7th grade, and some days can be tough. When I feel discouraged, I pull out my Brag File where I’ve kept positive notes from parents and teachers from almost thirty years of teaching. It always makes me feel better!

  15. Karen says:

    Edit- And students, of course!

  16. And, I read the Handmaid’s Tale when it was published and couldn’t agree more with your recommendation. But do I have to get a Hulu subscription?!

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