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7 Responses to “My favorite interview. Ever.”

  1. john.updike says:

    Fantastic interview, congratulations! As a college student, I wonder how I can develop right-brain characteristics…it’s tough for seniors these days.

  2. Pam says:

    HI — saw you on Oprah’s Soul Series and immediately bought your book! And one for a friend. It is extremely interesting to me. I teach preschool and am always wondering how to cultivate the right brains of all my children! THANKS! HOPE TO SEE YOU SPEAK IN PERSON one day!

  3. Sital says:

    Great interview Dan,

  4. Congrats, Dan! Very cool.

  5. jomar says:

    Totally funny that this is just a recent interview!

    I thought this interview was done a year ago. I came across your Bunko book a few months ago and lent it to my friend – who blogged about it – you even commented on her blog.

    Now..I was checking the review at Books 24×7 – loaded the mp3 summary on my Nokia to hear it on the run…

    So I decided to get more interviews from you online -just today – Oct 24 – incredible that this interview just happened LAST WEEK. Listening to it right now!

    Wow. Did you say 4 indians help you create the book? The how is a book in itself!

    in Asia.

  6. Ben Francia says:

    This is so awesome! Congrats, Dan!

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