Last year, in a Pink blog entry on the fabulous book Not Quite What I Was Planning, readers contributed their six-word autobiographies. Smith Magazine‘s Larry Smith (“Big hair, big heart, big hurry), the brains behind the craze, just posted a comment inviting people to contribute these six-worders, or brand new ones, for possible inclusion in future books. Details here.

One Response to “Six-word stories: An invitation”

  1. Here are my six-worders:

    Formal Education is passive, like television.

    Knowing something is interactive, like Wii.

    Without formal education, knowing is cumbersome.

    Education is “FFWD-button” of collective wisdom.

    Experience enhances pattern-matching, to solve problems.

    Without applying, your education becomes ‘bit-rot’.

    Education creates a ‘living-being’ called knowledge.

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