1. Become an organ donor.

2. Watch this speech:

15 Responses to “2 ways to honor Steve Jobs”

  1. The speech is incredible.

    I remember when I saw the first link to it last night and the views were at just under 5,000,000…

    One hour later — ONE HOUR LATER — the total views was up over 6,000,000. Everyone seems to remember this speech and think it one of Jobs’ best speeches.

    With Gratitude,


  2. Ben Knight says:

    Hear Hear, more should embrace Typography like Jobs did.

    Another way to honor him: make a typeface.

  3. Deborah Mersino says:

    Well done, Dan.

  4. John Strange says:

    Well done. A fitting memorial!

  5. Leanne says:

    thank you for promoting organ donation.

  6. Mary Catania says:

    My favorite quotes, “How do you get fired from a company you created?” His determination and faith kept him going.

    “Love what you do.” “Keep looking. Don’t settle.”
    I love how he romanticizes his profession.

  7. Lisa Hamaker says:

    Such a beautiful illustration of the ideas in “A Whole New Mind.”

    And thank you for your suggestion about being able to do something Daniel.

  8. Katherine says:

    I showed the speech to my ninth through twelfth grade students today. For the most part you could hear a pin drop in the room. They were particularly responsive to him saying, “Sometimes life is going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith,” and him saying that he had beaten cancer, and hoped to live for decades more.

    I thought it was interesting that he didn’t know what a pancreas was, and I loved the description of calligraphy courses and his college. The best part, however, for me was his absolute honesty and straight-forwardness. It takes a special person to stand up at a very expensive, very high ranking college’s graduation and say, college didn’t work for what I needed, I was successful without the accomplishment you are celebrating, and have that message connect so well with the students in his message that he gets a standing ovation.

  9. A messages for the ages…and all ages. Thank you for posting it.

  10. Chris says:

    Hi, really don’t want to talk about offtopics, but this video just rimes too well with “Drive”. Steve Jobs talks about managing, trust, team-working, responsibility and start-up organisation.


    Chris (Hungary)

  11. Thank you for this communication today. In Sydney this morning there was a great heap of flowers and tributes on the threshold of Apple’s well designed headquarters.
    Long live typography; long live the memory and inspiration of Steve Jobs.

  12. Ruth C says:

    Thank you Dan. Supporting organ donorship is a great tribute to Steve Jobs and to humanity. I can’t imagine anyone who had the vision and lived the principles you endorse in your books more than he did. Maybe the legacy of Steve Jobs will be not only how he changed the world and our lives with his vision, but also that we too can see out of the box and dream to make something happen. Don’t give up in adversity and make crisis an opportunity. His spirit will live on. The Stanford speech should be required listening for every high school student. Dream on.

  13. Jim H says:

    The subject of “romanticism and tech” should be the subject of a thesis or two. That’s what Steve delivered. During the ’80s, the Mac was deprecated by many as being sentimental, anti-business, elitist and made by dirty hippies. The victory of Microsoft in that era was the ultimate triumph of the accountants and pure rationalists. When Steve came back to Apple with more maturity and business savvy, he showed us that all that “Here’s to the crazy ones” stuff from Apple during the early days was, in fact, very true and very profitable.

  14. Tom McCrary says:


    Thanks for sharing such a fitting tribute…


  15. Funny, the day before Jobs died I had just used his Stanford speech to train university lecturers in Dar-es Salaam, Tanzania. His message and the way he packages it has always hit me each of the more than 30 times I have used it to inspire students, teachers, parents and professionals. We never stay the same after watching it. Jobs handed me an incredible training (reflection) tool. AMAZING MAN, AMAZING INSIGHTS, SPLENDID LIFE.

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