Pics from the road

Pictures from the road: Harry Potter edition

Turns out there really is a Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station in London. Here I am escaping my other obligations and racing to board the Hogwarts Express. (King’s Cross railway station, London, 28 January 2010, 9:30pm)

Pictures from the road: Googleplex

Every so often, when I run through the streets near my Washington, DC, home, I see a truck that belongs to Rosa’s Mobile Pet Grooming. Instead of bringing their pooch to the pet barber, people in my neighborhood can wait for Rosa’s to come to them. I’ve always thought this was a good idea. But […]

Pictures from the road: Los Angeles

If a place that looks like this has a line, you know the food will be good. But when you discover that the burritos cost just $4 and you have to eat them in a parking lot, you know the food will be really good. And it was. (2056 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles)