Folk songs protesting government policy haven’t been in vogue since I was a toddler.  But Tom Chapin, who performs in the video below, might just have singlehandedly revived the tradition.

(Major Hat Tip to Mike Sporer for hipping me to this song)

4 Responses to “Not on the test”

  1. Mabi Ponce de Leon says:

    This folk song gets an A+ from me!!! I wonder when we’ll wake up and teach the ‘whole’ child “all over this land”?

  2. Mike Sporer says:

    Having spent 32 years in education, this video was very compelling to me. The way we educate kids simply will not service in the future!

  3. Seems like one could create an entire YouTube Channel of videos like this and promote topics for which songs/videos are needed.

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