I devoted some of my misspent youth to writing speeches for politicians. Tim Ferriss of The 4-Hour Workweek fame found that intriguing — so we did an interview on effective speechifying, which is now posted on his incredibly popular and preposterously useful blog.  Added bonus:  You can see Tim breakdance.  

One Response to “Speech impediments”

  1. Maya Frost says:

    Great tips on speaking, Dan–and so relevant for writers, too! I totally agree that Tim Ferriss shares inspiring and amusing advice on his blog as well as in his book.

    In fact, in addition to your book, Free Agent Nation, Tim’s book was the inspiration for the one I’m writing now. I figured that for every 29-year-old single guy (like Tim) dreaming of living the Four-Hour Workweek lifestyle, there had to be a dozen 30something and 40something parents who were fantasizing about the same thing but had an extra obstacle or two in the form of offspring. I mean, what kind of irresponsible parent would yank their kids away from everything they know and love in order to “live anywhere”?

    Then it occurred to me: I AM that irresponsible parent! My pitch to agents was totally based on filling this void (Tim’s book is great, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of tips for parents dealing with their kids’ education while joining the New Rich). So, hats off to Tim Ferriss–and you.