In an impressively audacious statement, researchers at the University of Hertfordshire have announced that they have created “the world’s most relaxing room.” The space is bathed in green light, which apparently helps deliver those tantalizing bursts of dopamine to our brains. But taken as a whole, the room’s design elements seem to mimic the experience of, uh, going outside.

The room’s creator is Richard Wiseman, whom I wrote about a few years ago.  PSFKTreehugger, and AlphaGallileo have more.


3 Responses to “A (green) room of one’s own”

  1. CR says:

    Sort of reminds me of the ending to Soylent Green.

  2. hope torrents says:

    I wonder if Woody Allen were to do an updated version of Sleeper. Might he include a room like this?

  3. It does look quite cool but I think I will stick to doing what you pointed out at the end…go outside.

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