Here’s Obama’s speech today as a Wordle “word cloud,” which give greater prominence to words that appear frequently in a text.


3 Responses to “Obama’s speech . . . graphically”

  1. Dana Ly says:


    In Obama’s campaigning, he used very inclusive words often, such as “we”, instead of “I”. That’s part of the reason, as I have read, that his message of hope and service resonated with so many people. And with your graph, I can vividly see that he continued to do so, using words like “common”, “every”, and “people”. Today is not just an American day, but a day for every citizen of the world.

    Dan, I know you have a penchant for numbers, and you’ve illustrated it in a very interesting and creative fashion – very right-brain. Would you share with your readers other websites that similarly crunch-numbers?

  2. Ed Brenegar says:

    The word that stands out to me in this list is “must.” It is a word like act or choose. An imperative to do something. I call to activism, not passivity. I wish him well.

  3. @Dana – Another researcher at IBM (where wordle came from) built a tool called Many Eyes, that lets you visualize data in interesting ways and allow others to comment and extend it.

    (Many Eyes is also part of a product LotusLive, but that’s a different story.)