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5 Responses to “Pink’s Travel Tip #4: The rule of HAHU”

  1. Mike Sporer says:


    I like HAHU! My Dad used a word that summed up HAHU; Moxie. I believe the word came from the first days of cola when Moxie was a brand name. It was purported to give you energy. Life can be tough; Moxie can help!


  2. Ed Brenegar says:

    Our family’s approach is let dad obsess about the details of schedule opportunities; let mom drive the car; and let the kids spontaneously fill in the moments normally reserved for indecision and hand-wringing. The result trips of great discovery.

  3. Catherine says:

    What do you do about tears, fatigue and loud complaining from young folk? HAHU New Year to you and your co-star, Miss Eliza, too!!!!