logo_mine.jpgWith magazines shrinking and newspapers disappearing, these are tough times for ink-stained wretches. So the folks at the beleaguered Time Inc magazine division have rolled out an intriguing experiment.

It’s called MINE — and I just signed up for a free issue. Here’s how it works:

First, I selected five Time, Inc. mags: Money, Time, Sports Illustrated, Real Simple, and Food & Wine. (As it happens, I subscribe to two of them already. Can you guess which? A free copy of Johnny Bunko to the first person to provide the correct answer in the Comments section. Update: We have a winner. You can stop guessing.)

Next, after entering my name and address, I answered four questions laced with Zen-like inscrutability. Did I crave pizza more than sushi — or the reverse? Did I sing in the car? Would I rather learn to juggle or impersonate celebrities? And would I prefer to have dinner with Leonardo da Vinci or Socrates?

Then, using this scant information, the good people of Time Inc will fashion a magazine exquisitely designed to my peculiar tastes, preferences, and demographics.I’ll let you know when my MINE arrives. But I can already guess at least one cover line: 7 Simple Ways to Juggle Sushi Like DaVinci!

9 Responses to “Mine, all mine”

  1. Gerardo Aguilar says:

    On your magazine subscriptions, my guess is:
    Real Simple and Time

  2. Mimi Denman says:

    My Guess is Real Simple and Food & Wine

  3. BK-teach says:

    Food & Wine and Money.

  4. Dan Pink Dan Pink says:

    No winner yet. Only ten possible combinations, folks!

  5. Kevin says:

    Money and SI

  6. Dan Pink Dan Pink says:

    Ryan wins! It’s Real Simple and Sports Illustrated.

  7. Very interesting, but somehow seems like an idea that is about 5-10 years late.

    Perhaps the email approving it got stuck in someone’s spam filter for most of this decade.

  8. Sreejayan says:

    Hmm.. too bad, I dont get a chance to get it in Toronto 🙁

  9. betty says:

    just did it. pretty cool; probably should have signed up for digital but decided i wanted to see what the print copy looked like in hand. thanks for the tip.
    using your book for a women’s creativity session in jul

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