(A “video excerpt” of Drive, created by the fantabulous Lindsey Testolin.)

39 Responses to “Two simple questions that can change your life”

  1. Giff says:

    well I was sorry to miss the teleseminar today (family obligations came up) but my book arrived and I’m looking forward to the read.

  2. Jay Jacobs says:

    Love it. I’ll make sure I keep these two questions in pain view and most important, I’m excited to share these questions with all of my “peeps.”

  3. Jay Jacobs says:

    Woops, can you change “pain” to plain, I clicked too fast. Thanks.

  4. Hmm, I wonder if “He commented periodically on Dan Pink’s Blog” qualifies as an acceptable sentence.

    Probably not. I better get to thinking.

  5. Thanks for sharing this clip. This is an excellent video to inspire!

  6. My initial stab at my sentence – “He created music that helped people heal.” Will reflect on question # 2 tonight. Eager to read “Drive.” I have it on hold at the library.

  7. Tim Sanchez says:

    Hey Dan, I caught the seminar this afternoon. Great event and a great way to kick off 2010. Nothing but the best!

  8. Tonya Leigh says:

    Daniel- I hate I missed the seminar, but I am devouring your book. You are able to put into words what I’ve been feeling for years. Thanks for your clarity and passion. Just curious. What’s your sentence?

  9. Great seminar – thank you for taking the time!

  10. Really enjoyed the video its so spot on.

  11. Love this video! It is visually beautiful as well as thought provoking. The information you provided at the seminar today was a great way to start 2010. I saw you at the NAEA a few years ago in New York and since then have suggested your book to everyone I know! “Drive” just arrived the other day and I’m starting to read it asap. I figured it was the perfect first book for 2010.
    Have a happy, colorful and creative New Year!

  12. ronald says:

    thanks Daniel,
    such a message makes life more pink =)

  13. Mark Rachman says:

    This is just typical overgeneralized pablum. If only two simple anythings could actually make a difference. Promoting these “quick fixes” discourages people from doing the hard work needed to make life changes.

  14. Montse says:

    Great video! I will share the video and recommend your book with my students at ESADE and Barcelona University. Thanks for the inspiration! Feliz Año 2010!

  15. Dan,

    Great video. It’s amazing how many people loose sight of what they are really trying to do and therefore, have no way to gage how they’re doing. I have to say that it takes work to stay focused on what you care about and not let all the noise get in the way.

    The video did a great job of delivering the message!

  16. Cindy says:

    Just bought the book and looking forward to hearing Daniel at Powells Books in Portland Oregon on January 17th.

  17. Been said in many ways before but the person that I originally got these two concepts from was Edwards Deming.
    Consistency of Purpose and never-ending cycle of improvement was core to his philosophy. He is dead now so it never hurts for someone else to take up the cause and to re-phrase for a new generation.

  18. Chad says:

    Question 2 is simpl;y Nietzche’s “Long Obedience in the same direction” cool

  19. Ed Gandia says:

    Brilliant, Dan! And I loved your teleseminar last week.

    These questions remind me of an essay in Robert Fulghum’s book, “It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on it.” Fulghum bought a cemetery plot and had a hole dug. He then visited the plot, pulled up a chair and stared at the hole for hours, wondering…”What will the say about me in my funeral?”

    This kind of “Begin with the end in mind” thinking is something I need to do more often. Especially when I get very busy.

  20. Jake Jacobs says:

    I love the first question, would tweak the second, and add a third.


    Asking “Was I better today than yesterday?” leaves me with a yes/no answer, puts me in a judgment and evaluation mode, and focused me only on the past.

    What about “What did I learn today about how to better live ‘my sentence’ tomorrow?

    Open ended, learning oriented, past and future focused.

    Whaddaya think?

  21. Chiaki Ikuyama says:

    What is my sentense?
    …It’s hard to make it one sentense.
    But this is certainly something that everyone should keep in mind in order to stay motivated… I would say

    “She succeeded both in her career and personal life using business knowledge achieved in school and art skills”

    I need to work on art as much as I can but need to balance it out with school work!

    Was I better than yesterday?

    Yes, because anything that you do or experience everyday means something..even if you felt like it was a waste at that point…it will benefit you in some way in a long run!

  22. Alex Windjue says:

    My Sentence…

    He inspired those around him and motivated people to better themselves.

    Was I better than yesterday?

    Yes… I volunteered my time to a useful project that everyone else turned down. It wasn’t appealing nor fun, but by stepping up, I hope that someday someone else may make a similar leap.

  23. DENNYSE says:







    I enjoy your books and website. You present interesting, usable ideas in a straightforward way.

    Look forward to reading “Drive.”

  24. Lynn Goserud says:

    I liked this video; it really made me think of what i have accomplished and the little things i can do to better myself.

  25. Rachel Kloiber says:

    I just finished listening to Drive the other week. As a leadership development professional I found the concepts refreshing! I am rewriting my sentence today!

  26. Che Webster says:

    “Drive” has been an inspiring and yet practical read… and this little animation has really brought it home. Right now, I am finding that Dan’s work is helping me to connect EQ, the 7 Habits, and several other strands into a coherent recipe for living full.

    What my sentence is right now and what I aspire for it to be are perhaps very different… but at least I can now work towards changing that in the longer-term. Step-by-step.

  27. Dan Black says:

    Great video clip. It make a leaders really think about whats most important

  28. Esade Bussiness School Marketing 09/10 says:

    Sentences of Executive Master in Marketing and Sales Management student’s of Esade Bussiness School, are:

    Mª Victoria Arnau says:
    • Me dedico a que la gente tenga experiencias que sea capaz de sentir más allá que consumir – I work to give people experiences that will be able to feel beyond consuming.

    Alexandra Rodríguez says:
    • Contribuir con el diseño a transformar el entorno y mejorar la calidad de vida de los ciudadanos – Contribute to the design to transform the environment and improve the quality of life of citizens.
    I spent a great time reding your book: A whole new mind” and it was really inspiring for my professional life” Thanks a lot!

    Alfons Alférez says:
    • Mejorar el mundo en el que vivir creando valor en la sociedad a través de sus actos – Improving the world we live in society by creating value through their actions.

    Patricia Massa Polo says:
    • Reinventar todo lo que nos rodea y si no existe crearlo – Reinvent everything around us and if not there create it.
    • Sawabona & Shikoba. In South Africa people greet each other: Sawabona means Respect, I appreciate you and You are important to me & people answer: Shikoba means So, I exist to you.
    Both are my main sentences in life.

  29. Great sentences!


  30. Ruth Howard says:

    Loved ‘A whole New Mind’ (audiobook) still revisiting to dip in, about to start ‘Drive’ thru my local library…Thanks Ruth

  31. Manoj says:

    Wonderful video! Unfortunately came across this one only today. And great questions to be asking oneself too. The key takeaway is how simple it really is. The challenge is often to break down things to their simplest form.

  32. What a wonderful way to start each day! My sentence would be “she wrote an historic romance about her home town.”

  33. Jawahar says:

    Great video. 2 questions that make you think quite a lot.
    If every one of us knew what our sentence should be?? and ask themselves the question at the end of every day whether we were any better than yesterday?? It will make a world of difference to all.

    Two very meaningful questions. I decided to ask this two questions to myself from today onwards

  34. Steve says:

    Great video, thanks!

  35. Tom Jeremy says:

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  36. I really, really enjoyed this.

  37. Many Thanks. That’s great info for a newbie like myself. I even like how you categorized your blog clearly… I’m still trying to get mine that focused. I suppose it’s all a work in progress

  38. Cape Verde says:

    Nice Video. I like the simple editing techniques you use. Keep up the excellent work.

  39. Still learning Jeff says:

    Saw the video for the first time today. Was awestruck! I agree with Jake Jacobs post – second question is a thin question, could be easily answered with a yes/no and be done with no other thought. First question is simple yet amazing. Second question could be changed, similar to Jake’s, but to an action – “What can/will I do tomorrow to be better than I was today?” That takes a deep purpose of number one and puts it to action in question number two.

    Motivation + action = success!