Okay. I’ve done it. I’ve created my own iPhone app. With the help of the amazing folks at Mobile Roadie, we’ve launched the official (sic) Daniel Pink app. You can download it — it’s free! — from iTunes.

What’s cool about apps in general, and this one in particular, is that they feel like web sites circa. 1995. Everyone’s going to need one, but we’re still frobbing around, trying to figure out how to make them maximally useful and effective. On that, I welcome — actually, I crave — your feedback. We’ll do an updated version soon — informed, I hope, by your suggestions.

12 Responses to “There’s an app for, uh, anything”

  1. Great app, Dan!

    I’m surprised at the amount of stuff you/they were able to pack into it.

  2. Any chance we’re going to see an Android version of this?

  3. Leah says:

    Awesome! I was hoping for this–much faster way for us to keep up. Thanks!

  4. Elaine Smith says:

    Love it! Just downloaded and will play around with a bit tonight. So far – loving what I see. I am excited about the video clips especially.


  5. Awesome Dan! Is there an app for when you will be making your way to northern Alberta Canada? LOL We are not a major market, for sure, but now I can at least stay in touch!

    I heard you spoke at an Inspiring Education conference up here a while back. I’ve recommended A Whole New Mind to several following their catching the audio of that appearance online. Sorry I missed it.


  6. Ton Bil says:

    * Nice app indeed.
    * Background color switch I love more than those thin lines, like in the iphone mail app.
    * A speaker like you… and his apps features sound and video, with nice interfaces that we can get rid off. Very smart.
    * I miss the map app. If there were one, one could easily find out when you come near to e.g. Utrecht, NL, where I live.
    * I suppose there are nice links to excerpts and reviews of your books under “Books”, your blog under “More”, etc.
    * Why would anyone want to see “Past shows”? Will you add links to videos and reviews of them, than I can understand.

    This was some feedback from the Netherlands, where I’m building (as we speak) my own first app, for Workpatch, a database service that matches supply and demand of gigs and other really temporary work.

    This map app is essential to my app as well: people can browse available gigs etc. by different criteria:
    * starting date + time (like in your list)
    * duration in hours
    * remuneration (or none: volunteering and neighbour help)
    * distance to their own location

    Oh, and yes, the design of the yahoo-home page 1995 was so very… 1995 and many apps look only slightly better now. We have richer textures, shades, glooms or what are they called. But look for instance at the Evernote app. That is eye candy, I’d say. App developers need designers.

  7. I kinda like that your readings/speaking engagements are labeled as shows, but I’m going to expect popcorn in the future and ushers to escort me to my seat.

  8. Tim Sanchez says:

    I now have a Seth Godin app and a Dan Pink app. I’m not sure what that says about me 🙂

    How about a Mobile Roadie discount for all the faithful Dan Pink supporters? Is that something they’d be interested in? Maybe free push notifications or a slashed setup fee?

    The app looks really good; it did crash on me when viewing a video though. Also, I was expecting more from the Recent Activity section…what type of content is going to go here?

  9. Dan Pink Dan Pink says:

    @derick — at the moment, no android. but that could change in a few months.

    @tim — i can check. can’t hurt to ask.

    @ton — thanks for the suggestions.

  10. Carla Silver says:

    I really enjoyed Drive and have been thinking quit a bit about it. I am using it is the topic for an article of an upcoming newsletter for the Santa Fe Leadership Center (www.santafelead.org) but just wrote a blog post about the Open Source material at the beginning it at http://santafeleadership.tumblr.com.

    I am an idealist at heart and love the notion of open source culture. I actually believe that is the way I personally work. But I am really curious about how competitive nature plays a role in all of this. Also, I just read an interesting article in the Times about Open Source Culture which made it sound more like Motivation 2.0 than I would like to believe. . . I think a book on the group dynamics of open source work would be fascinating – maybe it has already been written? Let me know what you think if you have time.

  11. Hey guys –

    Great to get your feedback. We take it all into account as we continue to develop Mobile Roadie.

    Tim, since you asked – here’s a coupon code for 15% off of setup. It’s good for the first five people that sign up, and expires at the end of February.

    Just enter DANPINK on signup.


    Michael Schneider


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