At the International School of Curacao, teacher Danny Kinzer asked his Theory of Knowledge students to undertake the “What’s your sentence?” described in Lindsey Testolin’s remarkable video and on page 154 of Drive. Then each participant posted his or her answer on the school bulletin board.

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  1. C. A. Hurst says:

    Very cool, Dan!

  2. Maureen Gill says:

    I love it! What a way to put the International School of Curacao “on the map”!

  3. Spezi says:

    Hey Dan,
    I think the two questions you mention in DRIVE are very goal-oriented and good, but I feel that using the form of the past make it sounds like we are……dead. Is it less effective if we write our sentence in the present form?

    Munich, Germany

  4. Paul Cornies says:

    What a wonderful assignment for personal reflection. I ran across a quote which seems to complement your perspective here.

    ‘Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.’~ Howard Thurman

  5. Collin Vine says:

    “He helped people overcome their fears and realize their dreams”

  6. Durga says:

    He wasn’t who you expected.

  7. Bill Lang says:

    Dan – Thank you – reminds me of the process of Future Pacing..

    You are about to cross-over and are looking down at your friends/family/co-workers who are attending your funeral.. 1 person from each group..the one you care about most..gets up and tells you what they loved about you…. what character traits/adjectives did they describe you with? Every legal job on the planet has its heart ” helping other people”.. one way we can all do this is by saying a heartfelt thank-you to those that help little ways..each day. Keep your great work coming… it helps me help my clients move beyond “Carrots and Sticks”.. especially when one is used to hit someone over the head while shoving the other we say in Australia..where the sun dont shine.

  8. sam says:

    T.O.K was one of the best classes I ever took at that school! Go Dan!

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