(Via Arts Journal and Jason Shelowitz)

10 Responses to “Emotionally intelligent signage in the subway”

  1. Hiromi Nohara says:

    If you like this sign, you may also like these
    “Please do it at home” posters by Tokyo Metro.

  2. sam seidel says:

    or this one from TSA that i just saw at Laguardia Airport in NYC…

  3. And can we just say to our husbands who insist on doing it while sitting next to us watching movies and such…. do it in the bathroom and leave it in the trash? Well, one can start with getting it off the subway.

  4. Perhaps this is an entrepreneur opportunity in disguise: Chair massages and a combo express mani-pedi.

  5. eileen says:

    Great! Yes, the websites SeatHogs.com and UnsuckDCMetro.com have riders’ Halls of Shame and they not only had nail clipping photos but ARM HAIR TRIMMING! Btw, WMATA does a great job with E.I. signage. Will you feature some of their posters?

  6. Brilliant. I want to hire this person to make signs for my school about “hallway etiquette”.

  7. You know, you couldn’t get away with that in GATTACA.

  8. Hans Mundahl says:

    The problem with this sign is once you post it one place you kind of need to start posting it lots and lots of other places… like the freezer aisle, church, Starbucks, my living room…

  9. ryanve says:

    I actually saw someone doing this once and was pretty surprised—it’s hilarious that they made a sign for it.

  10. Dennis Ruffing says:

    One word:


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