From Deborah Solomon’s New York Times Magazine interview with superstar physicist Brian Greene . . .

SOLOMON: Do you think SAT scores define intelligence?

GREENE: No. They define the capacity to answer questions on an SAT test.

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  1. Dan

    Short and to the point

    I wonder what Brian Greene’s reply would be to question on what one’s ability to interview others means.

    Happy holidays


  2. Chaa Creek says:

    An interesting interview!

  3. Virginia Corbett says:

    Just want to say I am a big fan of your work. I read whole New Mind as required text in my very first graduate class. And yes it created within me a whole new mind! I read Drive the cond it was released and ended up recommending it to my professor who is now incorporating the book into his Leadership classes! Drive also served as a basis for my research work in studying followership and employee engagement.

    I missed seeing you speak at Drake Universtiy on 12/1 due to being Ill, so I do hope you will visit us again soon. Both undergraduates and graduate students could benefit from hearing about your work.
    I also enjoyed your TED video…i am a true believer in intrinsic motivation!

    Merry Christmas!
    Virginia Corbett

  4. Cindie says:

    Brian Greene is a freaking genius. I read parts of The Elegant Universe. If *he* says SAT scores don’t define intelligence…I’m gonna go with that. (Suspected as such anyhow–it only captures aspect of left brain intelligence)

  5. rhonda page says:

    This is so true; I’m always on this tirade of how school doesn’t determine one’s success in life. there are so many factors. When I see the things my kids do in school that is deemed important by the collective, I cringe.

  6. Bob F says:


    I teach in Iowa where students take the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and the Iowa Tests of Educational Development. The results of these two batteries determine our schools’ fates ala No Child Left Behind. I’d offer this twist:

    Do you think that ITBS scores define student learning?
    No. They define students’ abilities to answer ITBS questions.

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