On New Year’s Day last year, we introduced our Two Sentences video. On New Year’s Day this year, we introduce a new video inspired by its predecessor.

Over the past few months hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of Pink Blog readers and Pink Newsletter subscribers have sent us 15-second video clips answering the question: “What’s Your Sentence?”

We watched every single one. Then we compiled about a dozen of them (spanning four continents!) into this two-minute video.

Of course, the volume of submissions meant that we couldn’t include literally 99% of what we received. But to those of you who submitted, many thanks. (We’ll be sending out some books as thank you gifts later this month.) And to those of you intrigued by this exercise, start 2011 right by taking some time today to ponder your own sentence.

Happy New Year!

P.S. If you’d like to share (the written version) of your own sentence, feel free to do that in Comments section. I’ll repost the most intriguing ones — and even link back to your site if you’d like.

P.P.S. You can also watch the video on YouTube.

136 Responses to “What’s your sentence?: The video”

  1. Barry Carter says:

    What is your sentence Daniel?

  2. Ronald says:

    My sentence is, “Yes, I can!”

  3. He realised the truth in these words :

    There is no plan.
    Persistence trumps talent.
    It’s not about you.

    And passed that wisdom on…

  4. Trusha Barner says:

    Her faith was evident in her encouragement of others and her willingness to be a problem solver.

  5. my sentence:

    “when noone else would…. he did!”


  6. my sentence:

    “when no one else would…. he did!”


  7. Kathy Birkett says:

    My sentence:

    “Sometimes in your life you just have to be real to yourself before all others”

  8. Kathy Moore says:

    She taught social justice through literacy…one story at a time.

  9. Chad Dull says:

    He never stopped trying to figure things out.

  10. She really liked everyone, and they got strength from her liking them.

  11. Franklin says:

    He took a chance; it worked beyond his wildest expectations.

  12. Jim Hunt says:

    “As a compassionate citizen he cared for and connected all corners of our community and he shared his same style of connection across the planet.”

  13. Kathleen Warner says:

    She raised two incredible kids and brought joy and healing through art and encouragement.

  14. MaryLR says:

    She never gave up and settled for what was expected.

  15. He uniquely articulated the benefits of music education and changed hearts and minds in the process.

  16. stefras says:

    Keep daring to disturb the Universe!

  17. ramona says:

    she ran all over the city and had a helluva time doing it.

  18. Karen Martin says:

    She proved that businesses can realize stronger performance while also creating a fulfilling work environment for the people who contribute 30-50% of their waking hours at the workplace.

  19. “He hated Cheap.”

  20. My sentence:
    He was part if a school community where students were encouraged to create their own sentences. He is the Principal of a high school where student don’t answer the question “What’s your sentence?” with a response of “four years.”

    My post on this:

    Thanks for giving educators so much to think about! Hopefully we can Drive our outdated system forward in 2011

  21. Joy Curtis says:

    She taught the world that leadership is finding the calm, centered, caring and confident person within.

  22. It’s only too late when you’re dead. If I can change, anyone can.

  23. social justice through sport, games and play.

  24. She inspired women to see beyond the limitation of their histories and to courageously explore all life’s possibilities.

  25. Bonny says:

    She made people feel validated, heard, and loved…

  26. Varun Ambrose says:

    He was a good man who raised hell with the best of them, and left the world a better place than he found it.

  27. marian pontz says:

    First a question-May I please work for Principal Patrick Larkin?

    She was a teacher, a mother, a wife, but first and foremost, always a very curious and passionate student.

  28. Diane Hunter says:

    She teaches the power of non-verbal communication and true leadership built on trust and shows the world love has the power to liberate all suffering.

  29. We amplify the intelligence of the collective by sharing it with the world through Amplify.

  30. Red says:

    Mine: “I am my own destiny.”

  31. She helped people connect on an interpersonal level whether they were leaders or followers and they were better for it!

  32. She catalyses the magic found in human beings as opposed to machines!

  33. She helped make the world safer for children through creativity and community, knowing that when the children are safe, so are the grown-ups.

  34. Susanna says:

    With integrity, live; with humility, serve; with compassion; give.

  35. Working together as a team we make magic happen

  36. Positive Attitudes and Actions Create Evolution!

  37. Lois Kelly says:

    What if? Why not? Let’s try.

  38. Alan Matan says:

    Everyday is a holiday.

  39. tfitag says:

    Awakening greatness in every person I encounter.

  40. Richn Sands says:

    He teaches the things that matter tomorrow, not yesterday or today.

  41. Paula Burns says:

    She first truly believed, then took the first step then everything followed as if by magic

  42. Mark Barden says:

    I am the squiggly line between truth and joy

  43. gwen says:

    I think I’d like mine to be: “She loved and was loved.”

  44. Power to the customers of my clients. May the best companies survive and the mean ones really dy out.

  45. Dorri Mori says:

    She always found a way to “make it work”, and later realized this is easier to do with God’s power instead of her own.

  46. She kept saying “yes” to their ideas and encouraging them to try them out and they discovered that they had greatness within them.

  47. He was a catalyst for awareness, growth, hope, and inspiration, who moved people to positive action that enriched their lives.

  48. Kriselle says:

    Thinking of how to summarize it all into one sentence is much more difficult than I thought. But, if I really tried, I suppose this would be close to what mine would be:

    She hoped that others could learn from the mistakes she made, and felt it was her mission in life to help others achieve everything they sought to.

  49. Caren A says:

    She chose love and light at all costs even when the dark tried to lure here.

  50. Joe Elcano says:

    He fights for digital, non-linear learners in a traditional, linear education system. Is this a traditional, linear sentence?

  51. Lisa Hamaker says:

    I try to always be the best version of myself and help others to do the same – people, companies, organizations

  52. Flex and adjust, no matter what life throws at you.

  53. Jane B says:

    My sentence is: I am a contribution.

  54. She helps people solve problems, big or small.

  55. Julie Da Costa says:

    She handles it with joy and love!

  56. Katri Kytopuu says:

    I listen to You.

  57. Kerry Arale says:

    She told the truth to others when they needed to hear it even if they did not want to hear it.

  58. Love the video and idea of “What’s your sentence” – Thanks Dan! I wanted to share my sentence as an exercise and commitment to myself to keep going…

    “With empathic connection, love and grace she inspired others to enhance their every day experiences and live fully.”

    P.S. (my website is in it’s infancy stage 🙂 )

    love and light,

  59. He gave the world a place to go when it was time to go.

  60. “She taught people how to live and work in the flow so they could achieve optimum performance, productivity and full engagement in their lives.”

  61. Claire McCormack says:

    She consistently discovered the heart of the matter, never conceding “I guess it doesn’t matter”.

  62. She used powerful coaching and facilitative teaching to inspire leaders to the discover their passionate vision and fully live out their dreams.



  63. Her dog, McGee, taught her the importance of slowing down and appreciating the small things.

    She even made a video it: http://laurenmilstid.com/McGee.html

  64. rachel says:

    This looks awesome, but there was no sound! My sound is turned up, and I’d love to hear this!

  65. If you don’t know where you are going, it’s harder to get there.

  66. Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

    @rachel — Not sure what’s happening. Nobody else has reported this problem. Maybe try going directly to Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/18347489

  67. He ignited the passion for tomorrow’s leaders to join the Greats today.

  68. Rick Phelps says:

    I don’t think the Universe is out to screw me over.

  69. Don’t follow your dreams, hunt them.

  70. Russ says:

    If you know you can, why won’t you?

  71. Greg Stevens says:

    He crabbily prodded students with impossible expectations, so they could do impossible things no one thought small town people could do.

  72. Rich Feller says:

    Walk your talk, the words may never be heard

  73. She hoped her work would make a difference for health promotion professionals.

  74. Mike Wallenhorst says:

    He helped others through humor, compassion, and truth.

  75. Tim Gott says:

    He found himself, he accepted himself, he gave himself away.

  76. He helped himself by helping others.

  77. Pat says:

    We’re ALL in this together!

  78. Rebekah Vialva says:

    Although you can’t change how people act, you can change how their actions affect you!

  79. Mary Scherf says:

    She changed her story and helped others change theirs.

  80. Kevin Zachery says:

    My sentence is:

    I help people learn to live more powerful, playful, passionate lives.

  81. She dedicated her life to helping people find joy in their work and to building corporations with a soul.

  82. Elaine Helle says:

    She created Global Belly Laugh Day, January 24 to celebrate the great gift of laughter.

  83. I know kindness always works for me.

  84. Leu Vasquez says:

    There is nothing so bad that something good can’t come of it.

  85. Katherine says:

    She changed the room with her smile.

  86. Monick Halm says:

    She connected people to their joy.

  87. She made a difference beyond what she hoped for and more than anyone knew.

  88. Tom Butler says:

    He looked at and lived life from a place …..
    That no one else had been to.

  89. Shannon Richardt says:

    She found peace in her life one piece at a time….then passed it on.

  90. Michael Cavanaugh says:

    Don’t go to the grave wondering “what if…”

  91. Bill Wagner says:

    He inspired and was inspired by the many veterinary students with whom he crossed paths over a 55+ year career to reach higher, give more and be grateful.

  92. Nicole Wong says:

    All the imperfect beads in her embroidery make up her soul because they are essential to making her a complete and sentient creature.

  93. I teach with passion and enthusiasm, instilling confidence and excitement in my students

  94. Dear Daniel,
    Ever since I read “A Whole New Mind’, i have become a fan!
    You are doing a great job and God bless you for this.

    I have my sentence to share:
    “A kind, loving man who inspired and improved the lives of people that he touched.”

    I am sure I will improve this in the years to come…

    God bless you, always.

    Nuruddin Abjani

  95. Sue Melone says:

    A tiny, bold light illuminating the unique gifts of those around her…

  96. Melissa S. says:

    Live your life to have no regrets.

  97. She read + listened to Dan Pink and is now spreading his wisdom to make a better environment for employees and employers to achieve common business goals together

  98. janie says:

    She always stirred the pot.

  99. lynn says:

    He took his mission in life and his love for others very seriously, but never took himself too seriously, and was amazed when others did!

  100. Jann Freed says:

    She was light-hearted.

    What a great idea and I will use this with my leadership students. It reminds me of AARP’s six word memoirs. A great way to cut to the chase of what is really important. Thanks

  101. Jimmy says:

    No one cares what you think. They want to know who you are.

  102. Pia says:

    I like to make people turn their lives easier through my teaching and my sense of humor.

  103. Cathy Daniel says:

    My sentence?
    Be careful what you wish for….

  104. Sheri says:

    She believed that all things are possible with faith, persistence, and an open heart and mind.

  105. ali says:


  106. ernie shankles says:

    My life sentence is to find my sentenced life.

  107. Brad says:

    Bill Gates: “I eliminated polio.”

  108. Mike Becko says:

    He believes that all people around the world no matter what their position or station in life should be respected and praised for the fact they made a difference in someone’s life.

  109. Dawn says:

    My words, expressions and actions of love will shine out from me like the sun on a cloudless day.

  110. Caroline says:

    kindness trumps all

  111. Shaun Browne says:

    His purpose is to strengthen the sustainability of people and organizations.

  112. Debra says:

    She believes the possibilities are endless…

  113. Jeff Munn says:

    He shows people they can be happy right now.

  114. She is a courageous and inspirational leader for others

  115. Taylor says:

    She had the quick-wit of a dragon, kindness as gentle as the softest texture of a rose petal, and yet she had a viperous deadly competitive bite of a thistle; all the while inspiring people to live life to the fullest through her smile and her art.

  116. Michael Belk says:

    Do not ask me who I am unless you want to know.

  117. Lindsay says:

    She loved: learning, community, creativity, beauty, laughter, and life.

  118. Kirsten Medcalf says:

    She melded chaos with control.

  119. Basil says:

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  120. She always has a lot of positive energy and it is contagious!

  121. Kris says:

    She changed the way people think.

  122. As an educator, her success was found in helping others be successful

  123. Dylan says:

    Balance is his compass, Imagination is his tool, The World is his canvas.

  124. Mike Barr says:

    He was told that he can’t, he won’t, so don’t, and he said I can, I will and I do.

  125. Thyrais says:

    She has many talents and she is kind.

  126. His drive towards self mastery was so powerful that a draft created behind tug along others with him.

  127. Kianna Scott says:

    She is learning and practicing how faith intersects with the totality of life.

  128. Aleks says:

    She understood the power in ‘normal’.

  129. Jen says:

    She was hard on us because she cared.

  130. Neha Bansal says:

    She was an enthusiast and passionate learner & a professional who enabled people to perform better.

  131. Nandinha says:

    She opened her life to an unhappy child and he bloomed.

  132. Tosin Agboola says:

    My Sentence:
    She is an exemplary leader, a great mother and mentor who detests injustice and fught for the right of others.

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