Taking a page from the civic-minded folk in Needham, Massachusetts, city officials in Bayside, Wisconsin, are enlisting emotionally intelligent signage to encourage drivers to slow down.

Reader Scott Ehlke hipped us to this video:

5 Responses to “VIDEO: A Wisconsin town tries emotionally intelligent signage”

  1. Andrew says:

    Why does the anchor feel the need to insert the cost of the full color signs at the end of the story? It was not a part of the overall message or debate in the body of the reporting, so she editorialized it in at the end. Get’s me thinking she’s a multi-tasking speeder.

  2. What makes me sad is to think that we are speeding not just in our cars but through our lives as well. We are rushing to get to work on time or hurrying home or to a family event so we can have some enjoyment before it starts all over again tomorrow. Maybe the creativity and emotion that the children put into those signs will remind people what it was like to be young and allow them to slow down their lives in addition to their cars.

  3. Eric Chester says:

    Awesome idea. Instead of making drivers fear police speed traps, this kind of signage reminds them why it’s important to drive at a slow speed. More importantly, consider the long term impact this has on the children who are making the signs. In the blink of an eye, they will be behind the wheel and they’ll have a better understanding of the ‘why’ behind posted speed limits.

  4. Sheree says:

    That stretch of road is perfect for placing some speed humps (wider than a bump).

  5. Anthony Dina says:

    Interesting. The selection committee should consider which signs can be read at a fast speed, not just the ones that are cute. Even though PowerPoint made us all graphic designers and MS Word made us publishers, doesn’t negate the fact that there’s a bit of science to “at a glance” signage. Don’t get me wrong. I support the eye-jarring, emotionally approach. I don’t want it to be missed on a technicality.

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