The Office Hours freight train is steaming into July.

Please join us for our next episode — Tuesday July 12 at 2pm Eastern time. Our guest will be Bob Sutton — the Stanford Business School professor, uber-blogger, and author of several great books, including one whose full title I can’t mention on a family website.

For the uninitiated, Office Hours is our latest experiment — a radio-ish show in which I open the phone lines for an hour to listeners around the world, who can ask me and a special guest anything they want about work, business, life, or any other topic. As we say, it’s Car Talk . . . for the human engine.

To listen in live or to ask a question of your own, just use the call-in details on our Office Hours page, where you can also hear our previous episodes with guests David Allen and Seth Godin. And while you’re there, sign up to be notified about upcoming episodes. Of course, the whole thing is free of charge and free of advertising. (Our business model is to lose money on every episode, but make it up in volume.)

Also, for you folks with those newfangled iDevices, I’m happy to announce that Office Hours is now on iTunes. Check it out here.

6 Responses to “Don’t be an ***hole. Listen to Office Hours”

  1. Alton Reynolds says:

    Dan, in a couple sentences, what is Bob Sutton’s area of greatest interest, related to business?

    Thanks — Alton

  2. Avatar photo Dan Pink says:

    Bob has a range of expertise — but we’ll be talking mostly about dealing with troublesome people at work, becoming more creative, and creating environments where people can become better bosses.

  3. You had me at Car Talk! ha
    Seriously though, Dan, I’m a former full time professional musician who’s found himself in the cool world of ‘Brand’. Getting turned onto A Whole New Mind really put the wind in my sails and helped me see how much creativity was around me. I was wearing the ruby slippers all along!!

    Thanks for everything you do and I look forward to hearing Office Hours.


  4. Darin Schmidt says:

    Can we download these to iTunes so I can burn a CD and listen in my car?

  5. C. A. Hurst says:

    great picture, dan! 🙂

  6. nalts says:

    I wish you could have seen the face of my administrative assistant, when she politely informed me that a meeting with our president would make it impossible for me to attend my “asshole” webcast.